Keisa Clemmons Quotes

Quote from Brad Mitzvah

Keisa: If we were still friends, I could trade you this extra Willie Mays card I have. But how would you ever explain it to your girlfriend?
Adult Dean: It quickly became clear that my decision to end my friendship with Keisa had completely backfired.
Keisa: Anyone want homemade brownies?
Cory: Ohh!
Hampton: Oh, yes!
Keisa: Sorry, Dean. My mom told me to share these with my friends. And since we aren't friends anymore...
Adult Dean: The woman was diabolical.
Brad: Too bad you and Keisa can't be friends anymore. She's great! I even invited her to my Bar Mitzvah.
Adult Dean: Brad's breath had the smell of delicious double-fudge brownies mixed with the stench of betrayal!


Quote from Brad Mitzvah

Adult Dean: I know what I said to Charlene was harsh, but I have to admit, it felt good to finally take control of things and stand up for myself. Now I just had one thing left to do.
Dean: [gasps] Ooh, Keisa! I was just looking...
Keisa: Save it, Dean. Charlene told me how cruel you were to her.
Dean: Wait. I-I-I was only trying to just be...
Keisa: Look. I need to be Charlene's friend right now. [Charlene sniffles]
Dean: What?
Keisa: It's like when you stopped being friends with me because Charlene asked you to. Well, Charlene needs me right now. And I can't be friends with you while she hates you. But you understand that. Right, Dean?
Adult Dean: Clearly, Keisa wasn't finished punishing me for what I'd done to her earlier. Turns out all 12-year-old girls need in order to become lifelong friends is a common enemy, and that enemy was me.

Quote from Brad Mitzvah

Dean: Hey. What's goin' on, fellas? [chuckles] Oh! I forgot the new issue came out!
Keisa: I just got it yesterday. I would've taken you with me, but we're not friends anymore, so I should probably take my comic book that everyone is reading and loving to another table. Sorry, guys.
Brad: No! Come on!
Cory: Don't go!
Norman: No! Please don't go! Please!
Keisa: [to Dean] Guess that means you should go sit at another table. For the sake of your relationship, of course.

Quote from I'm With the Band

Keisa: [sighs] Hey, Dean. Are you... okay?
Dean: I-I guess. Um, won't Charlene be mad if she knows you're talking to me?
Keisa: No. She has a new boyfriend now, so she doesn't care anymore.
Dean: Oh. Glad she doesn't still hate me.
Keisa: Oh, no, she still hates you. It's actually what she and her boyfriend bonded over.
Dean: He hates me, too?
Keisa: Don't overthink it. A bunch of us are gonna ride to the Fair on Fair Day. So you want to come...
Dean: Yes! Yes. Uh, since you really want to be my friend again.
Keisa: You mean because you just looked so pitiful after choking in band that I thought you could really use a friend?
Adult Dean: The fact that she was right made me feel even more pitiful. I would've played the "wah-wah" right now if I thought I could do it without choking. And if I played the trombone.

Quote from Love, Dean

Dean: Um... just wanted to tell you that I'll be going to New York with my dad, so... I'll also be gone all summer.
Keisa: That's cool. Sounds more fun than Oklahoma.
Dean: [sighs] Um, I also wanted to... talk to you about yesterday. Um... You know, in the utility room.
Lucious: [horn honks] Keisa, get in the car! We gotta hurry up before traffic gets bad.
Keisa: Yes, sir. Guess I gotta go.
Dean: Guess I'll see you in September.
Lucious: [engine starts] Boy, get out of the way!
Keisa: Almost forgot to give you this back.
[When Dean looks at his notebook, Keisa has written a long note which ends "Love" Love Keisa]