Lillian Quote #131

Quote from Lillian in Bill's New Gig

Lillian: There's a new ice cream place over in Cloverdale. You think you can take yourself away from that school work long enough to get yourself a double scoop?
Dean: Is this a test? Like when you ask me if I want sugar in my grits?
Lillian: No, I'm not gonna spank you this time. This is for real.


 ‘Bill's New Gig’ Quotes

Quote from Bruce

Bruce: [to Dean] The army taught me how to kill a man in his sleep without making a sound.

Quote from Kim

Kim: Hang on, G.I. Jo-Jo. We need to talk. Things have changed around here since you've been gone.
Dean: Yeah. [broom thuds] Kim and I have come up with a system.
Bruce: System?
Kim: Mama gives us a chore. We do it quickly and poorly.
Dean: She comes in, sees it...
Kim: And it drives her crazy, 'cause you know how it all has to be perfect.
Dean: Then she says [as Lillian] "Move, boy." [normal voice] And then does it for us.
Kim: And then I get to talk on the phone with my friends.
Dean: And I get to go watch TV.
Kim: And everybody's happy.

Quote from Kim

Bruce: Mama, relax, okay? We'll do the dishes.
Lillian: Why, how thoughtful. You have been so helpful lately. Doing laundry, washing the car... I can't even get Dean to make his bed.
Dean: [quietly] Bruce is making us look bad.
Kim: Yeah, we need to have a little talk with him.
Adult Dean: Kim and I were rarely aligned on anything. It was nice to finally have a united front.
Kim: Has anyone ever told you that shirt makes you look like Peppermint Patty?
Adult Dean: Well, it was fun while it lasted.