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Valentine's Day VI

‘Valentine's Day VI’

Season 6, Episode 13 -  Aired February 11, 2015

As Valentine's Day approaches, Brick is nervous when his girlfriend Cindy says she wants him to kiss her, Darrin asks Frankie and Mike for help organizing a scavenger hunt for Sue, and Axl doesn't know what to do when Devin insists she doesn't want to celebrate the occasion.

Quote from Axl

Axl: Ooh. Hey, check this out. Canned cheese on cheese.
Devin: Oh.
Axl: Huh? Mm. So... Saturday's Valentine's day.
Devin: Ugh. Valentine's day. Bleah!
Axl: [chuckles] Yeah. You want to do something?
Devin: No. I hate Valentine's day. Seriously, don't get me anything, or I'll punch you in the neck.
Axl: Really? Not even flowers?
Devin: You get me flowers, I'll make you eat them.
Axl: [snaps fingers] Heart on a cracker? Huh? [Devin knocks the cracker out of Axl's hand] I knew there was a reason I liked you.


Quote from Mike

Brick: Well, I checked, and Cindy and I are definitely still an item.
Frankie: Shoot. Then I guess you're gonna have to do something.
Brick: Will I? It's on a Saturday. I won't even see her.
Frankie: Brick, people who like each other like to spend time together. Mike! I'm talking to your son about dating! Get in here!
Mike: [o.s.] No.
Frankie: Mike, seriously, get in here! Talk to your son!
Mike: [o.s.] No! I've got nothing to add.

Quote from Cindy

Brick: Cindy, do you want to come over for Valentine's day and go out for ice cream?
Cindy: Okay. And then you'll kiss me.

Quote from Axl

Sue: So... You will not believe all the crap Hutch is going through for this Macy girl for Valentine's day. Bracelet, cooking her dinner... dumb, right?
Devin: I don't know... it is kind of sweet to think of somebody going to all that effort.
Axl: Really?
Devin: No, you big tool! I told you I hate Valentine's day. Bleah!

Quote from Sue

Sue: Seriously, character day was awesome. All the football players dressed up like Disney princesses! You know, I never used to understand why football players dressed up like women was so funny, but now that I'm a senior, I totally get it. Speaking of special days, did I overhear you and Darrin discussing Valentine's day and some kind of surprise?
Frankie: Not sure I know what you're talking about.
Mike: I definitely don't.
Sue: 'Cause I casually mentioned to Darrin that there's this sweater I like with the word "believe" written across it, and back then, I said I wanted the blue one, but now I really want the red one, so if he happens to ask again, that's the one I definitely want. But... Didn't hear it from me.

Quote from Axl

Devin: Oh, my God! A bouncy house?! Nothing says "World Radio day" like a bouncy house!
Axl: Right?
Devin: Whoo! [both laughing]
Axl: So you like it?
Devin: Are you kidding?! This is epic! You know me so well! So, uh, what'd you get me for Valentine's Day?

Quote from Sue

Frankie: Good morning. Happy Valentine's Day.
Sue: Oh! Happy Valentine's Day, mom!
Frankie: So, I've been told to deliver this.
Sue: [gasps] Half a box of doughnuts!
Frankie: Uh-huh.
Sue: "Hope your Valentine's Day is a real ball. Your next clue's at Yankee Candle at Pioneer Galaxy Mall." [laughs] [gasps] It's a Scavenger Hunt. Aah! Isn't he the best boyfriend ever?! [gasps] Maybe there'll be a sweater at the end of this. You told Darrin the red, not the blue, right? You know what? Don't even tell me.
I want to be surprised. [squeals]
Frankie: Oh, to be excited about something.

Quote from Brick

Brick: Who schedules a kiss?! You know what else is scheduled? Executions. What I wouldn't give to be a complacent married couple right now.
Mike: Lots of kisses led up to this freedom.
Brick: Am I running a fever? 'Cause if I am, I shouldn't do this.
Frankie: Brick, calm down
Brick: You calm down! [doorbell rings] Oh, God. Why does she always have to be so prompt? [opens door] Yeah?
Cindy: Hi, Brick. It's 2:00. I was here at 1:47, but you said 2:00, so I read your mail. They're gonna shut off your water.
Brick: Oh. Huh. Come in, Cindy. Would you like to chat with my parents?
Cindy: I thought we were going to go out for ice cream and then kiss.
Brick: Oh. Yeah, I do recall that. Ice cream, kissing. That reminds me of a funny story. But first, a beverage.

Quote from Sue

Sue: Aaah! Okay. You are not going to believe where I've been... the mall, the fire station, chip's motel and canoe rental. The produce guy at the Frugal Hoosier gave me this clue. "See if you can solve this quiz. Go to where your dad always is." No, no, no. You have to read it. Everybody's been doing it. One guy did a French accent!
Mike: Oh. I'll be doing a tired American. "He's part of Boss Co., but he's not Axl or me. You'll find the next clue across the stree...t."
Sue: Donahues' house!

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Oh, my God! Mike, it's happening! He went in early, like Axl said.
Mike: Hey, that's my boy.
Frankie: Oh, wow. They're still going. And they're still going. Mike, we did teach him about stopping, right?
Mike: I didn't think we had to.
Frankie: I think we had to. I mean, they're not even moving their heads. They're like statues.
Mike: Look at her neck. That's got to hurt. Frankie, I think we should break this up.
Frankie: No, that'll be embarrassing. Maybe we should just go out to the car. You know, when they see us, they'll probably stop.
Mike: What are we going out there for?
Frankie: We'll just say we're going to Walgreens.

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