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New Girl: Return to Sender

520. Return to Sender

Aired May 3, 2016

Jess questions her relationship with Sam when his old friend, Diane, comes to town. Meanwhile, Nick tries to keep Schmidt from getting his hopes up when he spends time with his absent father, Gavin.

Quote from Nick

Schmidt: Look, I know you don't trust my dad, but I'm happy that he's here. We're working through stuff.
Nick: Wait, Schmidt, I want you to have a relationship with your father. I really do, but I've been down this road so many times. He just shows up out of the boo, and then all of a sudden expects...
Schmidt: It's "blue". It's "blue."
Nick: Well, thanks, Eye-stein.


Quote from Nick

Nick: But if it goes poorly, I'm not putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Schmidt: Am I Humpty Dumpty?
Nick: Yeah. I'm just not doing it again.
Schmidt: You won't have to.
Nick: Also, nowhere in that rhyme does it say he's an egg.
Schmidt: He's most definitely an egg, Nick.
Nick: So, what kind of king uses all those resources to put together one egg?
Schmidt: It's a parable. Humpty Dumpty is the king.
Nick: Who told you that?

Quote from Nick

Nick: Hey, Jess, heads up, I borrowed your towel.
Jess: Use your own towel if you're gonna shower.
Nick: No, I didn't shower, I just sponged off.
Jess: Ew. Ugh! That's even worse. You didn't even get clean before you used the towel.
Nick: It's called a French whore's bath.
Jess: You wouldn't make a dime as a French whore.
Cece: You would make zero dollars.
Nick: I'd make millions, millions. Bonjour. Croissant. Millions.

Quote from Winston

Winston: Sam. Guess who the luckiest boy in the world is? It's you. It's an extra bird shirt, huh? I keep an extra one in my car, just in case I get interviewed on television.
Sam: Oh. Thank you. [folds the shirt, places it on the bar]
Winston: Put on the bird shirt, Sam.
Sam: I will.
Winston: When?
Sam: When I don't have to take my other shirt off in a bar full of people.
[Winston maintains eye contact with Sam as he backs away across the bar]

Quote from Cece

Cece: This past year with Schmidt's changed me. It's made me believe in love stories.
Jess: Is that why you were crying during the bank commercial where the two old people were texting each other?
Cece: Jessica...
Jess: I know.
Cece: They now have the money that they need...
Jess: No, I know...
Cece: to be buried together. [Jess laughs] We both know that you're not gonna be able to live with yourself if you don't give this letter to Sam.
Jess: Yeah. What if I lose him?
Cece: Well, then you'll at least know, babe. It's not your love story.
Jess: Oh. I have something to tell you. The old man in the bank commercial, um, played a Nazi in Schindler's List. Does that change anything?

Quote from Winston

Winston: Happy Bird Day, Dr. Sam.
Sam: Wow, you didn't have to do that.
Schmidt: Did you say, "Bird Day"?
Winston: You heard me. Well, you know, I figured Jess likes you, so I like you, too, man. Welcome to the family.
Sam: H-Hey, look at that. It's a shirt with a whole lot of birds on it.
Winston: That's a bird shirt.
Sam: Bird shirt. What? Why? What-what's the...?
Winston: Ah, you know why.
[flashback to Sam passing by Winston in a bird shirt:]
Sam: Cool shirt, dude.
Winston: [chuckles]
Winston: We're bird bros now. And check it out, you can wear it to the party. You know, nothing says, "This dude is dope," like a motherflippin' finch, am I right?

Quote from Cece

Jess: I've never seen him laugh like that. What do I do?
Cece: Think of it this way: you're a dog, he's a fire hydrant, you pee on him, girl.
Jess: Yeah.
Cece: There you go.
Jess: I'm gonna go lift a leg on him.

Quote from Nick

Gavin: Now this varietal gained prominence in the '30s as an Italian driving wine. Now they call it a picnic wine, but we know what they're up to. But as they say, "Wine is fine, but bourbon is schwervin'." I think I got a buzz.
Nick: Yeah, me too. Hang on. Uh, you're gonna like this. [flips over a floorboard to grab a bottle]
Schmidt: How much hooch do you have stored in this place, you mountain person?
Nick: Prohibition happened once.
Nick and Gavin: It can happen again.
Nick: Yeah.
Gavin: It was pretty easy to see where you were going with that.
Schmidt: Look at the two of you. Bonding over the thing that numbs you. [Nick and Gavin laugh]

Quote from Jess

Jess: That was the most romantic story I've ever heard. And I don't want to get between them. Or do I? I love Sam, and I don't want to throw it all away because she couldn't figure out how to buy a Forever stamp.

Quote from Schmidt

Schmidt: You guys are finally getting along. You were like, "We've been down this road."
Nick: It's great. I just want to check in. Y-You said you weren't gonna get sucked in, and it seems like you're getting sucked in.
Schmidt: Sucked in? I'm not getting sucked in. If anybody's getting sucked, it's just me sucking myself in. No, I know how that sounded.
Nick: Yeah.
Schmidt: But you, I mean you...
Nick: You good?
Schmidt: Yeah.

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