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Modern Family: The Feud

515. The Feud

Aired February 26, 2014

Still smarting after losing his role as chair of the local realtor's group to Gil Thorpe, Phil learns that Luke is competing against Gil's kid in a wrestling match. Meanwhile, Claire is itching with nerves ahead of a big client meeting, and that's before she babysits Lily whose school is in the midst of a lice scare. Elsewhere, Manny and Gloria each learn a lesson on confidence when she chaperones a school trip to the museum.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: [aside to camera] What happened to him? He didn't used to be that self-conscious before High School. He used to go around in his poncho, play the pan flute. Ay, I miss my little old Manny.


Quote from Phil

Phil: I can't believe it. I'm a one-termer? That puts me alongside Henry Eustace Tyler and Art Wagner!
Gil Thorpe: Never met Art Wagner.
Phil: They took away his realtor's license after Gategate.

Quote from Alex

Claire: Do you girls have to move that now?
Haley: Well, I've been lonely. Having a mirror in my room will be like having company!
Alex: Ugh, your daughter's a parakeet.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] That may be the best part about being a parent. Whatever's going on in your personal life, when your kid's happy, you're happy. A happy kid is like an antidepressant, but a natural one, not the kind your husband has to find in your jewelry drawer. [chuckles] Enough said about that!

Quote from Gil Thorpe

Gil Thorpe: Oh, whoops! I'm sorry, man. I hope I didn't blind ya. Although you might not want to see what's next.
Our kids are wrestling each other.
Phil: Are you kidding?
Gil Thorpe: Nope! There's my little bra-snapper right there. He's a beast, man.
Phil: No, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I get it. This is when you try to intimidate me.
Gil Thorpe: No! No. Hey, good luck. Hey, did you ever hear about those illegal baby-fighting rings they got in the border?
Phil: That's not a real thing.
Gil Thorpe: Yeah, wife and I brought him down there. Won a whole carload of chickens. See you out there, man.
Phil: That never happened!

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: Manny, they have everything here. The rainforest experience, the hurricane booth, discovering the body... We have that one in Colombia, too, but a different kind.

Quote from Haley

Haley: My God, is she gonna sleep all day long?
Alex: Okay, that, coming from you? The possum's actually laughing. And, besides, I mean, it's obviously not sleeping.
Haley: What else would she be doing?
Alex: Playing?
Haley: Playing what?
Alex: Oh, my God! Playing possum, the one thing that absolutely everyone knows possums do.
Haley: Ha, ha! I got you! I was playing possum on you by pretending...
Alex: Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. Don't even.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: Okay, so, you know how you've been scratching your head?
Claire: Oh, God. Is it that noticeable? I-I have some kind of nervous tic.
Mitchell: Yeah, there might be one of those in there, too.

Quote from Jay

Jay: What the hell was that?
Phil: He's wrestling Gil Thorpe's kid. I hate that guy. Always trying to make me feel like less of a man.
Jay: The guy that took your necklace, right?
Phil: My medallion!
Jay: Call it what you want. I'm just glad I don't have to help you with the clasp again.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: Ooh, away, scary robot! Away!
Lily: I can't breathe.
Cameron: Well, good. Neither can your hair pets.
Lily: What?
Cameron: Nothing.

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