Haley Quote #229

Quote from Haley in The Feud

Haley: My God, is she gonna sleep all day long?
Alex: Okay, that, coming from you? The possum's actually laughing. And, besides, I mean, it's obviously not sleeping.
Haley: What else would she be doing?
Alex: Playing?
Haley: Playing what?
Alex: Oh, my God! Playing possum, the one thing that absolutely everyone knows possums do.
Haley: Ha, ha! I got you! I was playing possum on you by pretending...
Alex: Yeah, no, no, no, no, no. Don't even.


 ‘The Feud’ Quotes

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: [aside to camera] What happened to him? He didn't used to be that self-conscious before High School. He used to go around in his poncho, play the pan flute. Ay, I miss my little old Manny.

Quote from Alex

Claire: Do you girls have to move that now?
Haley: Well, I've been lonely. Having a mirror in my room will be like having company!
Alex: Ugh, your daughter's a parakeet.

Quote from Phil

Phil: I can't believe it. I'm a one-termer? That puts me alongside Henry Eustace Tyler and Art Wagner!
Gil Thorpe: Never met Art Wagner.
Phil: They took away his realtor's license after Gategate.