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The Principal's Office

‘The Principal's Office’

Season 2, Episode 4 -  Aired October 12, 2022

Gregory sends a disruptive pupil to the principal's office. Meanwhile, Melissa regrets inviting Janine into her home for a cooking lesson.

Quote from Barbara

Barbara & Kids: ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy...♪
Barbara: Hit that high note.
Barbara & Kids: ♪ ...dear Ryan ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
Barbara: ♪ And how old ♪ ♪ Are you, Ryan? ♪
Ryan: Here she goes again.
Barbara: ♪ How o-o-o-old are you ♪ ♪ Ryan? ♪ ♪ How o-o-old ♪ ♪ Are yo-o-o-o-u? ♪
Ryan: I'm 6. [blows out candle]
Barbara: ♪ May the good Lord ♪ ♪ Bless yo-o-o-o-o-u ♪


Quote from Jacob

Melissa: A shallot. I said get an onion.
Jacob: Oh, Janine thought it was an onion that was adorable and small like her, and who am I to shatter that illusion.
Janine: [laughs] Does it really matter?
Melissa: Does it matter?
Jacob: Janine, come on. Of course it matters. Ooh! Now I get to patronize a local vendor. BRB.
[aside to camera:]
Jacob: I love haggling with neighborhood merchants. You should see their faces when I counter with a higher price. You've heard of up-selling? Well, I'm an up-buyer.

Quote from Ava

Gregory: You wanted to see me?
Ava: Why, yes, Mr. Eddie. I did. Though, ideally not under these circumstances. Don't make that face. I heard you're going around complaining about my principaling. Now, I've made it a point not to "harass" you these past few weeks and this is how you repay me?
Gregory: Ava, you do these kids a disservice by not being the strong authority figure that they need. Kids are supposed to be scared to go to the principal's office. You turned it into a Chuck E. Cheese.
Ava: [chuckles] Don't say that. I got beef with every Charles Entertainment Cheese in the greater Philadelphia area.
Gregory: Can I go? Have you not embarrassed me enough?
Ava: Now, how do you think it feels for a six or seven year old to make that walk of shame? By the time they get to my office, they got snot running down their face and they're shaking like a Chihuahua, and what? I'm supposed to punish them? And then what? I gotta tune out some sobbing child while I'm trying to watch Below Deck? If you don't agree with my approach, you need to get Micah under control on your own. [over intercom] I'm sending Mr. Eddie back to his class. Let's all hope he's learned his lesson. [to the kids] I got next game.

Quote from Janine

Janine: Hey, Melissa? Hey. I'm... I'm sorry. I was just trying to fix your relationship with your sister, not re-create an episode of The Sopranos. Is that offensive? I haven't seen it. I don't know.

Quote from Gregory

Gregory: [aside to camera] This isn't the first time Micah has disrupted my class. From what I understand, he's obsessed with a TV show about Australian dogs. Blue-ish or something. I don't know. It doesn't matter. What matters is I've tried everything to keep him in line and nothing works. It's gotten to the point where even his classmates are annoyed. Do you know how hard it is to annoy a first grader?
Micah: Bingo! Bingo! Bingo, Bingo, Bingo!
Gregory: Um, everybody, e-eyes up here.
Micah: Bingo, Bluey!
[aside to camera:]
Gregory: Bluey. The show is called Bluey.

Quote from Melissa

Melissa: Oh, so it's about money? 'Cause I can stretch a budget like a big headed baby stretches a...

Quote from Melissa

Melissa: Okay, listen, I can teach you how to make a cheap, non-embarrassing meal. It might take you five days to finish it, but it'll be delicious, so it won't skeeve you till the third day.
Janine: Really?
Melissa: Yeah. Oh, God. I'm gonna regret this, but... you just come to my place tonight.
Jacob: What time? I mean, can I come? I need you to help me with my wine pairings. Zach... he gets embarrassed when I ask the clerk for the, "second least expensive bottle."
Melissa: Well, I couldn't think of a reason why you can't quick enough, so yeah, I frickin' guess you can, buddy.

Quote from Jacob

Gregory: Hey, man, can you, uh, pass me a sugar packet?
[After Jacob hands Gregory a sugar packet, he rips it open and taps the slightest amount of sugar into his drink]
Jacob: Talk to me, bro.
Gregory: Try again.
Jacob: Copy that. Uh, hey, Gregory. Is there anything you want to get off your chest?
Gregory: [sighs] I have this kid... Micah. I can't stop him from disrupting my class. It's like he can sense whenever I feel like I'm getting a handle on something, and he just swoops in like a cute little faIcon and rips me apart.
Jacob: Foof. I have been there. All the students bringing the correct energy. Insightful answers popping off left and right. And then [imitates explosion] someone goes and kills the vibe.
Gregory: Yeah, I hated all of those sentences, but how do you handle it?

Quote from Jacob

Jacob: Hey, I, uh... I brought this. I think it's called a "blend" 'cause they just mix all the best wines together.

Quote from Melissa

Janine: Is that...
Melissa: Yes, my cousin Vinny, and you wouldn't know that if you were minding your own business. So now close your eyes and follow the sound of my voice. This way. You think this is a [bleep] joke?
Jacob: Ma'am.
Melissa: Eyes.
[aside to camera:]
Melissa: Yeah, at school, I make sure I don't use salty language. It's my house. I don't give a [bleep].

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