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Quote from Teacher Conference

Janine: Uh-oh! Even Principal Coleman is stumped. All right, let's get those guesses in, you guys.
Ava: Nah, I got this. "R"!
Janine: Nope. [students groaning]
[aside to camera:]
Janine: So I picked a word, but then a student sneezed on another student. By the time we cleaned that up, I'd forgotten the word. So I'm just stalling. But we've only got about 10 minutes till lunch, so we should be fine.


Quote from Wishlist

Janine: [aside to camera] Barbara makes do with so little. It's pride, I think. My psych professor used to say that pride and stubbornness share a fence. Barbara's sitting on that fence. I'm gonna help her off. Sometimes Robin has to look out for Batman. Too many metaphors.

Quote from Step Class

Janine: [aside to camera] This is exciting! Like in those videos with the unlikely animal friends. You're like, "There's no way a parakeet and crocodile can make it work and...". Actually, in the one I just watched, they didn't. Uh, it was mislabeled. Very tragic.

Quote from Story Samurai

Janine: Look, Jacob, at the end of the day, I'm corny, and at the beginning of the day, too, but I don't care as much.
Jacob: Okay, but that is different, because you are African-American.
Janine: Dit-dit-dit! See, when you said "African," that's corny. It just is. Look, you are a white teacher in a Black school.
Jacob: I am not Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers.
Janine: You are Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers. You are Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds. You are Sandra Bullock in...
Jacob: In Bird Box?
Janine: In The Blind Side. [gasps]
Jacob: Too far.
Janine: Too far, I know. I'm sorry about that. I know.

Quote from Wishlist

Janine: Hey, how's it going with the... same stuff that was here before? Even the penguins.
Gregory: Yeah, I just kinda stopped trying.
Janine: Do you mean, like, you're taking a break before you keep going? I don't know what that means.

Quote from Gifted Program

Janine: [aside to camera] It'd be easy to just give up and not have a gifted program, but there was an acronym I learned in the one I was in... PIE... Perseverance, Ingenuity, and Effort. I love PIE. Even though I can't eat it, though. Hurts my tummy. [chuckles] But I did try it for many years. That's the perseverance part, which is why we should have a gifted program.

Quote from Story Samurai

Janine: [aside to camera] This is too corny, even for me. But Jacob loves it, so thank goodness it's in his past and he isn't up there. [chuckles] I get it, though. If my Degrassi reenactment group showed up and performed here, I'd be excited, too. [chuckles] Shout-out to the guy who played the original Jimmy. Wonder what he's up to. Heh. He is... He's Drake. I'm aware that he is Drake. Yeah.

Quote from The Principal's Office

Janine: Hey, Melissa? Hey. I'm... I'm sorry. I was just trying to fix your relationship with your sister, not re-create an episode of The Sopranos. Is that offensive? I haven't seen it. I don't know.

Quote from Juice

Gregory: What's taking that kid so long? Who's even in there?
Janine: [knocks quietly] Um, everything okay? You know, Gregory, you try it. I've been told I knock like a ghost.

Quote from Read-A-Thon

Janine: Look, listen, all I'm saying is, I just want things to be fair.
Melissa: And I bet when you watch sports, you root for the refs.
Janine: I do.
Barbara: You do?
Janine: Yeah.
Barbara: Mm-hmm.

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