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St. Patrick's Day

‘St. Patrick's Day’

Season 6, Episode 19 - Aired March 11, 2010

On St. Patrick's Day, Michael tries to impress Jo Bennett, the company's new owner, by having everyone work late. Meanwhile, Andy and Erin's first date doesn't go to plan, and Dwight tries to make Jim feel bad when he returns to work.

Quote from Dwight K. Schrute

Dwight K. Schrute: Ah. Got a little client meeting at Shanny O'Gannigan's tonight. It shouldn't go all night long, so if you'd like me to, I could swing by your house so the baby can experience a strong male presence. [Jim doesn't respond] No? Nothing? Okay. Have fun working. [Whistles "Cat's in the Cradle"]


Quote from Michael Scott

Jo: Oh good morning, sweetheart.
Michael Scott: Morning, honey pile.
Jo: I'm sorry but is that a gift I see in your hands?
Michael Scott: It is. This is a little something for you to remember your time here in Scranton by.
Jo: Is that a lump of coal?
Michael Scott: Yes, it is!
Jo: Have I been that naughty?
Michael Scott: No, no no. That is a good gift actually. Buildings here in Scranton are literally powered by coal.

Quote from Jo

Jo: We, we don't get to see much coal in Tallahassee, I'm used to alligators, and some of the worst Chinese food you've ever tasted.

Quote from Pam

Jim: [on the phone with Pam, looking at a picture of Cecelia on his computer] Good Lord! I can't believe I'm missing this.
Pam: It's kind of like that lip thing she did last night, like a half snarl, half smile? I get the sense that she's very ironic.

Quote from Kevin

Jo: You know I get way too many ideas from the top. Now I want to hear your ideas. I mean, did you guys know that Liquid Paper? That wasn't invented by some fancy engineer. No, that was created by a lowly typist.
Kevin: Jo, I have an idea, for suntan lotion - soap.
Jo: You know it doesn't have to be an invention.

Quote from Michael Scott

Oscar: I have a question.
Michael Scott: Oscar, homosexual accountant.
Oscar: In the training manual it says, that there is a minority executive training program in Tallahassee?
Jo: I am so proud of Sabre's "Print In All Colors" initiative. Any Sabre employee of color, is welcome to apply. [Kelly applauds] Darryl?
Michael Scott: Darryl. Mellow, soulful, smart for warehouse...
Jo: Okay hush now.

Quote from Darryl

Darryl: The Sabre shipping method could be more efficient. Combining inventory systems makes sense on paper, but printers and paper ship differently. It'll be faster to deliver them separately, instead of waiting on everything to come in.
Jo: But you wouldn't need more trucks?
Darryl: Not at all. There's a way that it can be scheduled. I sketched this out downstairs.
Jo: Oh look at you.
Michael Scott: Look at that picture that you drew. Nice job! We're very proud of you. You know what, we're gonna tape that up on the refrigerator in the kitchen.
Jo: I like this, Darryl. I like this a lot. Maybe you should be doing your sketching upstairs. Would you like an office up here?
Darryl: Are you serious?
Jo: Yeah. Take Jim's old office.
Gabe: Um. I set my stuff up in there. So... just give me a few minutes to clean that out for you.
Jo: Yeah, I want to hear more from you.
Darryl: Absolutely.

Quote from Jo

Jo: Okay. Any questions? Anything on anybody's mind? I'm leaving tonight, this is your last chance for a while!
Michael Scott: Oh no! Say it's not so, Jo. We're gonna miss you. We're gonna miss you so much!
Jo: Yes, well okay. Florida ain't that far away.
Michael Scott: Well, I am heading down there.
Jo: Well, anytime now.
Michael Scott: How about July 4th weekend? [Reveals paper ticket]
Jo: Oh honey you didn't buy a ticket?
Michael Scott: I did!
Jo: Oh, honey. I'm not home, very often. And uh, me and my relatives, they take up the guesthouse. I think you should check with my office, before you book any dates, okay?
Michael Scott: You know what, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have actually reserved a bunch of different seats on a bunch of different flights, but there are a couple of flights that only have two tickets left, so I think we should pull the trigger and -
Jo: Enough!

Quote from Darryl

Darryl: [singing] Moving on up, to the East Side, to the deluxe apartment in the sky...

Quote from Jim

Jim: I am not surprised that Dwight's using my baby to steal my desk. I'm a little surprised that it's working.

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