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Mini Murray

‘Mini Murray’

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Aired October 8, 2013

When Adam tricks Pops in to taking him to see a scary movie, he is not prepared for how frightening the movie will be. Back home, a scared Adam rushes into the arms of his mother, but a bigger horror awaits when his she finds out about his trip to the cinema. Meanwhile, when Barry wants Murray to buy him an expensive pair of sneakers, Murray teaches him a lesson about the value of a hard day's work. However, after Barry excels at the job and decides the furniture store is his future, Murray wonders whether he is teaching the right lesson.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Barbara Fishman's neighbor's nephew saw that movie. Three days later, he had a terror stroke.
Adam: A terror stroke? That's not even a thing!


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: You can see this movie.
Adam: "The Great Mouse Detective"?
Beverly: He's got a little magnifying glass. Ooh, take Pops. He loves talking animals.

Quote from Pops

Adam: Thanks again for bringing me.
Pops: Of course. Popcorn, milk duds, a mouse detective what's not to like?

Quote from Murray

Murray: Hey, Vic, say hello to my son.
Vic: What? Little baby Barry? Get outta here! That's a good-looking kid there, Mur. He must get it from his mom!

Quote from Murray

Murray: Where does Vic Jr. get it from? Carl down at the loading dock?
Vic: Oh, man, come on!
Murray: That's part of the job. We bust balls.

Quote from Murray

Barry: So this is what we do all day? It's pretty cool.
Murray: No, no, no, no. This is what I do all day, okay? You sweep. And then you move some furniture, and you sweep around that. I'll see you for lunch.

Quote from Adam

Adam: I just can't stop thinking about that movie. It's really gone to my head, Pops.
Pops: Aww, buddy. It's all make believe.
Adam: It's not. Ghosts are real. They're what keep the Ghostbusters employed.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: "Poltergeist"? I told him not to see that movie. Unbelievable! He's scared. That's why he wants snuggies.
Erica: Hey, if you're looking for some snuggies, I-
Beverly: You're not going to that party.

Quote from Murray

Barry: Why is it so low?
Murray: Taxes! You got federal, state, social security, F.I.C.A.
Barry: What are you talking about? Those aren't real things.
Murray: Did you ever go to school? Taxes? Those are totally real things.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Why'd you take the remote outside?
Beverly: It's not what you think.
Erica: I think you're scaring Adam so he'll give you hugs.
Beverly: It might be what you think. But is that so wrong?
Erica: Yes, it's wrong! Very, very wrong.

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