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Quote from Barry in Eracism

Barry: Geoff, you've inspired me to be a better man.
Geoff: Aww, Bar. Are you giving some of your stuff to charity?
Barry: Nope, I'm giving some of your stuff back.
Geoff: My missing Jordans? I cried when I couldn't find these!
Barry: So hard. But they're back now, and they smell like my feet.
Geoff: My toothbrush? My pajamas? A photo of my Nana?
Barry: [chuckles] I like her face.
Geoff: My prescription swim goggles?
Barry: Yeah, those gave me a headache in the shower. But the good news is, I learned my lesson and I will never permanently borrow anything from you again. Later, Schwartz.
[When Barry turns around, he is wearing a jersey with the name "G. Schwartz 13" on the back]
Geoff: Oh, come on!

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