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Erica: I'm in. I had pizza for lunch, but I'll just fold it over and say it's a calzone.
Barry: And I'll take Hawaiian. Those island people wear flip-flops to the office. They know how to live.
Erica: Pineapple? Who puts fruit on a pizza?
Barry: This guy! There's literally nothing I won't eat if it's on top of sauce, cheese, and dough.
Murray: What about sardines?
Barry: Those salty little guppies? Stack 'em up.
Erica: Yogurt?
Barry: It'll just make it healthier.
Beverly: Franks n' beans?
Barry: It's called campfire pizza. Reminds me of summer.


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Barry: Geoff, you've inspired me to be a better man.
Geoff: Aww, Bar. Are you giving some of your stuff to charity?
Barry: Nope, I'm giving some of your stuff back.
Geoff: My missing Jordans? I cried when I couldn't find these!
Barry: So hard. But they're back now, and they smell like my feet.
Geoff: My toothbrush? My pajamas? A photo of my Nana?
Barry: [chuckles] I like her face.
Geoff: My prescription swim goggles?
Barry: Yeah, those gave me a headache in the shower. But the good news is, I learned my lesson and I will never permanently borrow anything from you again. Later, Schwartz.
[When Barry turns around, he is wearing a jersey with the name "G. Schwartz 13" on the back]
Geoff: Oh, come on!

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Adult Adam: [v.o.] As my friends were teaching me some tough lessons, Geoff was schooling Barry and Erica in one of his own.
Geoff: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.
Barry: Uh, I never agreed to this, but this meeting is occurring where I live and I didn't want to put shoes on, so well-played.
Geoff: It's no secret that Erica and I hope to one day have a family of our own.
Erica: Aww.
Geoff: And that's why I'm worried about your broken moral compass and complete lack of ethics.
Erica: Well, that took a hard turn.
Geoff: I've got to show you that the world is not just full of bad apples trying to take advantage of you.
Barry: Ha! Where is this fantasyland, with mermaids, unicorns, and armadillos?
Geoff: Armadillos are real.
Barry: Sure, buddy. Same with Komodo dragons. This guy.

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Adam: Enough pizza talk! I'm trying to tell you I saw this movie and it makes me want to do something big.
Beverly: From the moment you came taxiing down my baby tarmac, I've known you were gonna change the world.
Erica: Haunting, but colorful.
Barry: She never disappoints.
Beverly: I'm behind you a hundred percent.
Adam: Then Adam F. Goldberg is a man on a mission!
Beverly: Ha! Yes! Go, Schmoo! Make your mark!