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Double Dare

‘Double Dare’

Season 3, Episode 13 - Aired January 20, 2016

Adam and Emmy are excited when their favorite TV game show "Double Dare" hosts auditions at their school, but their friendship hits the rocks when they both choose other partners. Meanwhile, superstitious Barry believes Beverly is a good luck charm for the Eagles, but Murray wants to keep football as his alone time.

Quote from Barry

Adult Adam: [v.o.] Thankfully, a new week meant a new chance for my dad and bro to help The Eagles win through a series of crazy superstitions.
Murray: Let's get this going. I got on my good-luck jersey and underpants.
Barry: Now time for some pregame cabbage patching to supercharge our good luck.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Even if the superstitions breached the boundary of common sense.
Murray: Do it better! The Eagles need us!
Adult Adam: [v.o.] Or any sense at all.


Quote from Barry

Barry: Dude. Did you see that? When Mom was in here, The Eagles kicked butt. The second she left, The Eagles sucked butt.
Murray: What are you saying?
Barry: Do you think Mom's good luck?
Murray: No. It's just a dumb coincidence.
Barry: Only one way to find out. Kee-ya!
Murray: What the hell?!
Barry: Shut up. Shut up. Mom! I think Dad spilled something!
Beverly: It's okay. I've always got a rag. It's a mom secret.

Quote from Murray

Barry: Good god, Mom did it!
Murray: No! That was just another coincidence. You keep your mother out of this. Understand?
Beverly: Understand what? I heard "mother." I'm the mother. Here I am.
Barry: Dude, all these years, we've got it wrong. You're not a jinx. You're like a real, actual lucky charm.
Beverly: Thank you, schmoo.
Murray: No. Stop. There's no such thing as actual luck.
Barry: Then why are you wearing your lucky Jersey and underpants?
Murray: This helps The Eagles win, not your mother.

Quote from Murray

Beverly: Looks like those greeny guys are celebrating something.
Barry: They scored! Mom stays stays forever.
Beverly: Oh! Ha! This is gonna be fun. Go, greeny birds!
Murray: No. We have a system when we watch football, and the number-one rule of that system is "no talking."

Quote from Beverly

Adult Adam: [v.o.] And so my mom got the message.
Beverly: Teach me everything about football.
Bill Lewis: You've come to the right place.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] It was just the wrong message.

Quote from Naked Rob

Andy: Come on guys, where's the "D"?
Naked Rob: I just don't know where to touch her.
Geoff: Maybe I should just cover Erica.
Andy: I hate you so much, Geoff.
Naked Rob: Shut it, okay? It's enough.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Oh, yeah! You're in my house now! You're gonna come in and take off your shoes 'cause I just vacuumed. That's how "in my house" you are! Whoo!

Quote from Dave Kim

Dave Kim: I think that was directed at you.
Adam: Yes! Thank you, Dave Kim.

Quote from Beverly

Murray: Look, I'm lucky to have a wife who wants to spend time with a man like me. So what do you say, next time, I tag along to your scrapbook club?
Beverly: You were right. Scrapbooking is my time away. You just stick with your feetball.

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