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Season 4, Episode 12 -  Aired March 21, 2019

The Cloud 9 employees and customers get trapped in the store during a blizzard.

Quote from Amy

Isaac: I got my penis caught in my friend Russell's zipper.
Marcus: Oh.
Amy: I'm sorry, I just gotta- Where was Russell's penis?
Isaac: For a while, neither of us knew.


Quote from Dina

Dina: I hate Mateo's anticlimactic sneezes. It's a lot of build-up for a tiny, little "achoo."
Amy: Yeah, and it's always, like, three or four of them in a row.
Cheyenne: He just likes the attention.

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: Isaac, you need to stop calling me brother.
Isaac: I don't do that.
Jonah: You do. I've heard it.
Isaac: Okay, maybe, but I don't do it to sound cool. I do it 'cause you're black.

Quote from Amy

Man: Speaking of loud, when Amy chews chips, it sounds like she's eating a microphone.
Mateo: Aren't you just, like, a customer?
Man: Yeah, I'm Terry.
Jonah: Hi, Terry. Shut the hell up.
Amy: Yeah, you're not a part of this.
Garrett: This is Cloud 9. We don't give a damn what customers think.
Glenn: Yeah, why don't you go stew in softlines?
Mateo: Bye-bye.
Dina: Yeah, get out of here.

Quote from Justine

Dina: Can you believe that guy, barging in here like he's part of the family?
Justine: Guys, guys, who am I? "I'm Terry." [long silence]
Jonah: Yeah, that's exactly what he sounds like. [laughter]
Mateo: So good.
Justine: Nailed it.

Quote from Jonah

Amy: Yes!
Jonah: How are you so good? You never golfed before, like, a year ago.
Amy: I never big golfed, but I used to mini golf all the time.
Jonah: Big golfed?
Amy: Yeah. If we make it out of here alive, I might take you to my favorite mini golf place.
Jonah: You're not sick of me yet?
Amy: No. Are you sick of me?
Jonah: Nah.
Amy: [swings pool noodle like a mini-golf windmill] What about now? Are you sick of me now?
Jonah: Um.
Amy: Is this making you sick of me?
Jonah: Well.

Quote from Garrett

Garrett: [talking to himself] Breath smells like farts. I'm sure my breath doesn't smell like farts.
Man: Oh, hey, excuse me, man. Is this place open?
Garrett: How'd you get in here?
Man: Just through the doors.
Garrett: Did they plow the parking lot?
Man: I guess so.
Garrett: Oh, thank God.
Man: I mean, it's kind of cold outside. You might want to put on-
Garrett: No, I'm good. I'm good. Whoo!

Quote from Sandra

Sandra: Dina.
Jerry: Hi, Dina.
Dina: I was just coming to get some juice, but, um, think I'll just drink it straight.
Sandra: Okay.

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