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Little Bo Bleep

‘Little Bo Bleep’

Season 3, Episode 13 -  Aired January 18, 2012

The family try to help Claire iron out her "flaws" ahead of a debate with Duane Bailey for the town council seat. Mitchell and Cameron are worried about a new addition to Lily's vocabulary on the eve of her being a flower girl. Meanwhile, Jay is alarmed when Stella keeps jumping into the pool.

Quote from Mitchell

Cameron: What about the wedding? What if she says it there? She's like a ticking time bomb!
Mitchell: Well, what are we gonna do, cancel?
Cameron: Yes. Maybe we just call and say, "We're not going to any more weddings until the gays can get married."
Mitchell: Oh, so now we're political? We leave town on gay pride weekend because we don't like the traffic.


Quote from Alex

Alex: Mom, just be confident.
Claire: Mm-hmm? Based on what? I just lost a debate in my living room, and people think I'm unlikable.
Alex: That's just the word men use for powerful women because they feel threatened. So just forget everything else and be proud and powerful.
Claire: How did you get so smart?
Alex: I've always assumed adoption or baby switch.

Quote from Phil

Phil: [aside to camera] Busy day at the Dunphy compound. We have a wedding tonight, and this afternoon, Claire is debating Duane Bailey in the race for town council. And now the "weekly saver" says that some voters find Claire, quote, "angry and unlikable." To those voters, I say, "Wait till she sees this."

Quote from Lily

Mitchell: Maybe we misheard.
Cameron: Yeah. Maybe she said "truck." Or- Or "duck." Or "luck." She could have said "yuck."
Lily: Daddy, can I have some ice cream?
Mitchell: No, honey, if you're hungry, you can have some fruit.
Lily: Fruit? [bleep]
[Cameron runs out of the room laughing]
Lily: [laughs]

Quote from Lily

Cameron: Not too many at once. That's good.
Mitchell: Okay. You're doing great, Lil.
Cameron: Oh, she is, isn't she?
Mitchell: Forget the bride. All the eyes are gonna be on her.
[Lily drops the basket]
Lily: Oh, [bleep].
[Cameron runs out of the room laughing]

Quote from Lily

[As Cameron sobs]
Mitchell: Really?
Cameron: Well, you know I cry at weddings.
Mitchell: Oh, no. Stop- Stop crying.
Cameron: Well, just because you have ice water in your veins, doesn't mean that-
Mitchell: No. No, Lily. No. Lily, he's fine. Daddy's fine.
Cameron: Daddy's not sad.
Lily: Daddy, daddy! [bleep]
[all giggling]
Cameron: You see? I told you it was funny.
Lily: [bleep] [bleep]

Quote from Luke

Luke: Somebody turn her off. I think I'm having a seizure.

Quote from Claire

Claire: And how am I angry and unlikable?
Haley: Can I take this one?
Phil: I wouldn't.
Haley: You seem angry now.
Claire: I am angry, at that poll.
Luke: I think it's the yelling. I would tone down the yelling.
Claire: Honey, I don't yell for no reason.
Luke: You yelled at my teacher for calling me "special."
Claire: Honey, that was not a compliment.

Quote from Mitchell

Cameron: [aside to camera] It's every little girl's dream to be a flower girl in a wedding.
Mitchell: It's Lily's chance to shine.
Cameron: I was a 3-time ring bearer.
Mitchell: It's Lily's chance to shine.

Quote from Jay

Jay: Stella! Where's my good girl? Gloria, is Stella up there?
Gloria: No. But I am. Why don't you say "hello" to your wife when you come home?
Jay: Well, why don't you greet me at the door, wagging your tail?

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