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Little Bo Bleep

‘Little Bo Bleep’

Season 3, Episode 13 -  Aired January 18, 2012

The family try to help Claire iron out her "flaws" ahead of a debate with Duane Bailey for the town council seat. Mitchell and Cameron are worried about a new addition to Lily's vocabulary on the eve of her being a flower girl. Meanwhile, Jay is alarmed when Stella keeps jumping into the pool.

Quote from Haley

Phil: Ah. Some day, I'll walk you down the aisle.
Haley: If you're not in perv jail.


Quote from Jay

Jay: Yeah, that ought to do it. Go on, you little motorboat! Look at her go! Where's she going? Oh, jeez, I think she's trying to get herself sucked into the filter. What'd you say to her?
Gloria: I didn't say anything!
Manny: Wait a second. Jay, look.
Gloria: See? She was not trying to kill herself. She was just trying to get to the squeaky wiener!
Jay: That must be why she's been jumping in. It must have been there all the time. That's hilarious!
Gloria: Ay, si! No, it's not!
Jay: Not now. I'm saying it will be. Later.

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