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Quote from The Plan

Robert: The wedding planner lady was supposed to print it out for you, and you were supposed to look it over!
Amy: She said you said sent it out.
Robert: No, I said print it out!
Amy: But she sent it out.
Robert: Oh my God!
Marie: [enters] Amy! Oh my God!
Amy: I know! Oh my God!
Marie: What happened to it?
Amy: Robert! Robert happened to it!
Robert: This wasn't supposed to go out!


Quote from Misery Loves Company

Debra: Yeah, and don't give us any more books like "Marriage is a Circus: Embrace Your Clown."
Amy: I didn't mean to upset you with that.
Marie: What book?
Amy: It's a marriage guide. In fact, Marie, I got you and Frank one.
Marie: I don't understand. Why would you get us a marriage book?
Frank: Yeah, I'm not interested in that subject.
Amy: I just thought you might find it useful.
Marie: You're giving us advice about marriage?
Ray: That's what they do, Ma.
Amy: I'm just trying to be helpful.
Robert: These may not be the people to help.

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