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Arrested Development: Rom-Traum

507. Rom-Traum

Aired May 29, 2018

George Michael suspects his father is lying to him about his relationship with Rebel. Michael suspects his parents are lying to him about Lucille 2's disappearance. Meanwhile, Gob hires a team for a "closet conversion".

Quote from Lucille

Lucille: Maybe he went to find Oscar, warn him about the picture.
Barry: You think he really did? Because I think the prosecution gave us this picture so that George or you would lead them to Lucille 2.
Lucille: Go find him. Track him down. Get to him before he finds Lucille 2. I will not let that woman steal everything I've taken from her.


Quote from Maeby

George Michael: We've got to stop the lying in this family.
Maeby: Tell me about it. I mean, you tell one little story to get a place to live. Next thing you know, you're sorting through your roommate's pills to figure out which one will kill his sex drive.
George Michael: What you mean like estrogen?
Maeby: Wait, that's a thing? I mean, I was just day plotting.
George Michael: I'm going to stop you right there. The minute you start talking about neutering your romantic partner, you're into shit that even Gangie wouldn't do.
Maeby: The monster or the grandmother?
George Michael: The monster. But, yeah, I don't think our grandmother would do that.
Maeby: Yeah, maybe it is too far. I guess I can just pretend like I have an illness where I forget everything.
George Michael: You mean like Alzheimer's?
Maeby: That's a thing, too? I was just crime-storming. You know, just lying out loud. How funny.

Quote from Barry Zuckerkorn

Barry: I think that mothers cannot accept the idea that they've raised someone who could do something so vile.
Buster: What?
Barry: In my case, twice. Well, two times, allegedly. This falls under client-attorney privilege, right?

Quote from Lucille

Lucille: Tobias better find Lindsay before the 4th of July parade, which is on the 2nd.
Michael: The 4th of July parade is on the 2nd?
Lucille: Mm. Yes. They moved it because they don't want the Hispanics to get even by using up all the supplies a day early like we do with Cinco.
George Sr.: Yeah, and good luck using the 4th of July fireworks on the 3rd, because we will have done it on the 2nd.

Quote from Maeby

[Maeby reluctantly answers her phone]
George Michael: [on phone] Maeby? Hello?
Maeby: I think my phone's ringing.
George Michael: Maeby. Hello? Come on. Hello?
Maeby: Hello?
George Michael: It's me. I know you're not old. Can we have a system where I don't have to wait the 40 seconds?
Maeby: Look, I have to be careful, okay? These are not tech-savvy people. The other day, I turned the lounge TV on, and now that's my job. They call me "Buttons" now. Buttons.

Quote from Gob

Michael: I'm waiting to hear from Barry, so I don't have too much new information.
Lucille: Uh, Barry's probably trying to mitigate the damage you caused by taunting Buster with a skinhead.
Michael: Okay, you gotta blame Buster for that. Say what you will about Ron Howard as a filmmaker, but the man is not a Nazi sympathizer.
Narrator: Thanks.
Gob: Well, I've heard things about what's really going on in that Grinch movie he made. You know, that anti-Christmas thing, with the Who-ish people?

Quote from Michael

Michael: Now that we're talking about money, I want to tell you, I couldn't be more proud of what you've been able to do with the Fakeblock thing. But with this kind of success, it puts a target on your back. People are gonna think, "Here comes the next Steve Gobs." They're gonna want-
George Michael: Jobs.
Michael: Jobs, for sure, but they're also gonna want money.

Quote from Michael

George Michael: How'd you know I had red hair? Did you see it on Instagram?
Michael: Yes. I did. I did. I did. I just didn't want to embarrass you. Showed up on my e-mail this morning.
George Michael: So you use Instagram?
Michael: Mm-mm. No, no. Your uncle showed it to me. You know me. I'm a 20th-century guy. You can keep that futuristic stuff. Okay? Okay. Prismo. Begin. [car chimes] User, Michael Bluth. Lost my keys. Okay, Prismo, reverse.
Automated Voice: I will. And how was
Michael's voice: Mom's fucking cottage...

Quote from Barry Zuckerkorn

Narrator: And Barry showed up at the cottage to make sure the scheme had worked.
Barry: You are here. Why was Michael so stingy with the dogshit?
Lucille: What are you doing here? Was Michael lying about talking to you on the phone just now?
Barry: Oh, no. That was me. I just wanted to see how Michael was enjoying knowing about the cottage.
Lucille: You want to know if we fell for Michael's and your little trap. It was a trap, wasn't it?
Barry: [chuckles] That's where you're wrong. Why would I do that?
Lucille: Because he paid your bail and threatened to make trouble for you if you didn't play along.
Barry: Now that's where you're right.

Quote from Buster

Buster: I take it Mother's not coming.
Michael: Mom? No. She couldn't make it.
Buster: Why is that?
Michael: She said that I could make up whatever reason I want. You tell me what is easiest on you.
Buster: Hmm, no, it's too mean.
Michael: I think you're entitled, Buster.
Buster: She hates you, Michael.
Michael: We'll use that one. Sure.

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