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Thanksgiving VIII

‘Thanksgiving VIII’

Season 8, Episode 6 -  Aired November 22, 2016

With Axl and April spending so much time together, Frankie struggles to find a moment to take the family Christmas photo with just the five of them. Frankie shuffles their Thanksgiving plans around when Axl announces he'll be joining April's family for dinner. Meanwhile, Sue is uneasy when Brick gets a job at Spudsy's.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Mm. Brick, you got to go get changed. Axl's on his way over. We're gonna crank out the Christmas picture.
Brick: Why are we keeping up with this charade? You're never gonna send them out.
Mike: She says this year, she is.


Quote from Axl

Axl: Set your camera to "handsome"! I'm here! Hi, everybody!
April: Hi! I'm April!
Brick: I-I know. It's me... Brick.
April: Oh. I didn't recognize you in your uniform. Thank you for your service.

Quote from Frankie

Axl: All right, Mom. You dragged me over here. We gonna do this thing, or what?
Frankie: Okay! Family is looking good. Let's get this five-person family photo done!
Axl: April! Come on, babe! Get in here!
April: Um... no. I-I couldn't.
Axl: Yes, you could! Get in here! You should be in it. Right, Mom? Don't you think?
Frankie: Pfft! Totally! Oh, shoot! We're all wearing red and April isn't. Oh! Dang it, dang it, dang it. Well, maybe we'll catch you next year if you guys are still together.
April: [unzips her pink hoodie] Hey, look at that! I'm wearing red! Oh, my gosh! I feel like I just won a game show.
Frankie: Me too! Oh, my gosh! "April, come on down!" [chuckles]

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: Axl? April? Hey, you two! Aww, that's so cute.
April: Oh, are you shopping for Thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving. It's my second-favorite holiday. After that one where people play pranks on each other? Um... something Fool's Day.
Frankie: April?
April: Yes?
Frankie: No, I was saying "April Fool's Day"?
April: Oh, no. I don't have a middle name. Well, except for Rose.

Quote from Frankie

Frankie: So, what are you guys up to?
Axl: April's got to get a pie to bring to her mom's for Thanksgiving.
Frankie: Oh, so you're going to your parents'?
Frankie: Oh, shoot. Mike and I were saying how great it would have been if you could have joined us for dinner this year.
April: Oh! That's so nice, but we're already committed. Axl's making a salad.
Frankie: You mean you're making a salad, dropping it off at her house, and then coming back to our house?
Axl: Oh. Man. Oh. I forgot to tell you. I'm going to April's parents' for Thanksgiving.
Frankie: What? But you have to come home for Thanksgiving. It's tradition.
Axl: Uh, we didn't do it last year. The year before that, we went to King's Feast.
Frankie: Well, what time do you eat? You can come to us after. [chuckles] Ooh! And I skimmed some of the Donahues' yams, so you're not gonna want to miss that.
Axl: No can do. Got to get to April's great aunt right after. Right, babe?
April: Mm-hmm.
Frankie: Okay. Pencil us in right after the great aunt.
April: Oh, well, then we have our third Thanksgiving at Grandma Tee-Tee's. She's losing her memory, so it's important we see her.
Frankie: Or you could just tell her you saw her. [laughs]

Quote from Sue

Edwin: I am very disappointed in you two. They may tolerate these kinds of shenanigans at Shenanigans, but here at Spudsy's, the bar's a little higher. Okay? Now I have to go out there and give Toby a coupon for 30 cents off his next purchase. I don't like to do that. I swear, if I wasn't planning to fake a slip-and-fall behind the counter and take the holidays off, I'd fire you both.

Quote from Axl

Frankie: Um, nope. Never mind. You were right. I was never gonna send it anyway, so... You two are free to go.
I'll see you on Thanksgiving. I don't know how hungry we're gonna be at 8:00, but you can always take leftovers to your grandma.
April: Grandma?
Frankie: Yeah. Grandma Tee-Tee.
April: Oh! We just call her Grandma Tee-Tee. She was really our babysitter.
Frankie: So she's not actually related?
April: Oh, no. She is. To somebody. Just not to us. [Frankie chuckles]
Axl: Well, we got stuff to do. We're not gonna hang around if there ain't no chair in it for me. I'll see you tomorrow.

Quote from Frankie

Sue: [yawns] It's still dark outside.
Brick: Are we really doing this?
Frankie: Of course! It's good 'cause then we'll be hungry for leftovers by lunch. Oh! We should do this every year. I think I love it! [Brick goes to eat] No, no, no, no. Let's wait till they get here. [sighs] [time lapse] Well, you know, Axl's late for everything. He was late coming out, and that was no picnic. [laughs] [time lapse]
Sue: Do you think maybe he's not coming?
Frankie: What? Because of yesterday? No! That's just how we are. He calls me gross, and I say his girlfriend isn't good enough for him. It's banter. We're very Italian and Jewish that way. We speak with our hands, and we're passionate. We say things we shouldn't and then we're fine! [time lapse] [sighs] Well... maybe we should just start eating. Before everything gets cold. He won't mind.

Quote from Nancy Donahue

Nancy: And thank you, Lord, for giving us Sean's face back.
Ron: And for the Hecks, the best neighbors in the world, who let us use their oven to enjoy your beautiful bounty.
All: Amen.
Sean: Okay.
Nancy: Let's dig in!
Sean: Oh! This looks so good!
Nancy: Smells delicious!
Shelly: Mom?
Sean: It's gone.

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