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Call Me When You Get There

‘Call Me When You Get There’

Season 1, Episode 7 -  Aired November 5, 2013

After Barry finally gets his driver's license, Beverly sets out her groundrules for driving, including the most important: "Call me when you get there!" When Erica gives Barry a lesson on how to get around Beverly's rules, Barry uses his newfound knowledge to attend a kegger in the woods. Meanwhile, Pops is insulted when Beverly gives him a Life Alert bracelet.

Quote from Barry

Barry: Only some of this happened 'cause I'm a complete moron. The rest is 'cause of mom's stupid rules.


Quote from Murray

Murray: I almost died when I saw your jacket in the road.
Barry: You worry about me, too?
Murray: Oh, don't put words in my mouth. Of course I do.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Your mom can't know anything about this.
Barry: What? You're gonna lie to mom?
Murray: Absolutely! She finds out about this, you're not gonna be allowed to leave the house until you're 40, and then my life is ruined, too!
Barry: Nice! I'm off the hook, then.
Murray: You are so grounded. Secretly, though. You will choose to stay in every weekend for the next three months. And for the love of God, when I do let you back out in the world, you will call me when you get there.

Quote from Pops

Beverly: Dad, you live alone. What happens if you fall and you can't get up?
Pops: In my whole life, I've never once tripped, slipped, or fallen.
Adam: Yeah! This is an insult! I'm rock solid.
Pops: Go ahead, sock me in the kidney. Do it.
Adam: Go ahead, Mom. Hit Grandpa.
Pops: Do it.
Beverly: I'm not punching you in the kidney, Dad.

Quote from Pops

Pops: Are you kidding me? Why don't you get me a sweatshirt which says "I'm old" and send me out to the duck pond to feed the ducks?

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Tush inside. Now.
Barry: What the hell? Are you just sitting back there waiting for me?
Beverly: Yes.

Quote from Barry

Barry: The amount of suck in this room is unreal! I'm going to the movies.

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