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Up All Night

‘Up All Night’

Season 1, Episode 11 -  Aired January 6, 2010

When Manny's father comes to town, Jay falls for Javier's charm despite his initial misgivings. When Phil needs to go to the hospital because of a case of kidney stones, Claire dresses up to impress the firemen. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchel disagree over how to respond to Lily's crying.

Quote from Cameron

Cameron: How's your ankle?
Mitchell: It's cold.
Cameron: I'm sorry I hurt you.
Mitchell: No. No, don't be. I- I could have just as easily hurt you.
Cameron: Well, it's cute that you think that.


Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: Listen, Cam, I- I can't always be the bad cop here. I-I know it's my issue, but she can't grow up with one huggy, happy, cuddly dad and one frowny, lesson-teachy dad. Because guess which one she's gonna ask to walk her down the aisle.
Cameron: Uh- Y- Okay, you know what? I can be the bad cop sometimes. I'll always make her eat her vegetables.
Mitchell: Okay. Dentist.
Cameron: Deal.
Mitchell: Good.
Cameron: As long as you make her practice her violin.
Mitchell: Oh, yeah. The violin. I like that.
Cameron: And we're both walking her down the aisle. [Mitchell winces] Assuming you can walk by then.
Mitchell: Ow!
Cameron: Do you need to go to the hospital for that?
Mitchell: No, God. No, no. It's not that bad. Oh, you meant call 911, didn't you?
Together: Firemen.
Mitchell: Yeah, you call, and I'm gonna change my shirt.

Quote from Alex

Alex: [aside to camera] So, if I'm supposed to act like an adult, is that act like adults I see in the world? Or the adults in my family? 'Cause if it's the ones in my family, then how hard could that be?

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