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Oh Honey

‘Oh Honey’

Season 6, Episode 15 -  Aired February 7, 2011

With Marshall still in Minnesota, he relies on phone calls from his friends to keep abreast of the current situation: Zoey fixes Ted up on a date with her cousin, who the gang nickname Honey for her naivete, leading Ted to come to an epiphany.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: [on the phone] Hey, uh, listen, Honey, while I've got you, do you have any idea what kind of difficult stuff Zoey's been going through?
Honey: Oh, I can't tell you about that. The only people that are allowed to know are me, Zoey and her therapist.
Marshall: I am her therapist.
Honey: Oh! Well, in that case...
Marshall: Uh, okay, listen, I think we've made great progress for today.


Quote from Ted

Ted: Why do I hate you? Are you kidding? Uh, you're actively trying to prevent me from realizing a lifelong dream. So there's that. Plus, you're stubborn and... and... and argumentative. And what kind of name is Zoey, huh? What is that, short for Zoseph? [Zoey's phone rings] Go on, get it. I'll have more in a second.
Zoey: [answers phone] Hello. Oh, hey, Marshall. Yes, I am. Yes, I am. He is? Bye.
Ted: Why was Marshall calling?
Zoey: Don't worry about it. Go on.
Ted: You talk during movies. You- You- You sneeze with your whole body. Uh, to my knowledge, you do not speak Portuguese.
Zoey: Well, actually... [in Portuguese:] I speak a little Portuguese
Ted: You're a show-off. [phone rings]
Zoey: You better take that.
Ted: [answers phone] Uh, hey, Marshall, can I call you back? I'm out in the hallway with... She is? She is? Marshall, I got to go.
[Ted and Zoey kiss]

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