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The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress

‘The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress’

Season 7, Episode 17 - Aired March 15, 2001

When Monica beats another bride-to-be in a fight over a wedding dress, the woman threatens to take the wedding band that Chandler has his heart set on unless Monica gives up the dress. Meanwhile, Joey and Ross compete for the affection of a woman who just moved onto the block.

Quote from Joey

Ross: Boy, I'm getting hungry. Hey, Joey, have you ever been so hungry on a date that when the girl goes to the bathroom, you eat some of her food?
Kristen: You said the waiter ate my crab cake.


Quote from Joey

Joey: So, Ross, now why did that first marriage break up? Hmm? Was it because the woman was straight or because she was a lesbian?

Quote from Rachel

Chandler: When Monica and I went to see them, we had fun. And there's another reason.
Rachel: Well, what is the other reason?
Chandler: I don't want to say.
Rachel: Well, you have to, because maybe it's stupid.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: So did you book them? Did you call?
Monica: I will.
Chandler: Do you want me to call?
Monica: I'll do it. You stick to your job.
Phoebe: What is your job?
Chandler: Staying out of the way.

Quote from Joey

Joey: This is impossible, Monica. Why don't you just pick all 15?
Monica: There were only 12.
Joey: Oh, yeah, I added 3.
Monica: What are "peanut-butter fingers"?
[Joey mimes sticking two fingers into a jar of peanut butter and licking it off]

Quote from Ross

Ross: So hi, I'm Ross, and this is my friend, Chandler.
Kristen: I'm Kristen.
Ross: Kristen. Hi. Are you new to the area? Because if you are, I'd love to show you around sometime.
Kristen: I actually just moved from four blocks over.
Ross: Oh.
Kristen: But this block is like a whole another world.
Ross: Actually, it does have a very interesting history. This street is the first in the city to have an underground sewer system. Before that, sewage and waste would just flow right down the street. Sometimes ankle-deep.
Chandler: Smooth.

Quote from Rachel

Megan: Thanks for the tip.
Monica: So when are you getting married?
Megan: Oh, I'm not. I just like to try them on.
Rachel: I do the same thing.
Megan: I'm just kidding. I'm getting married July 25th.
Rachel: I'm just kidding too. I'm getting married in December.

Quote from Phoebe

Megan: You're lucky. My fiancee wants the heavy metal band, Carcass.
Phoebe: Ooh. Is that spelled with a "C" or a "K"? Oh, my God, it doesn't matter, they're both great.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: Oh, you know what, don't buy that here. Now that you know what you want, you should go to Kleinman's and you can get it half off. This place is so overpriced.
Woman: I own this store.
Rachel: So does this come in another color, or...

Quote from Joey

Joey: Listen, let me give you a little tip. Do not take a nap on this stoop or you could wake up with your shoes gone.

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