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Quote from Joey in The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress

Joey: So, Ross, now why did that first marriage break up? Hmm? Was it because the woman was straight or because she was a lesbian?


 ‘The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress’ Quotes

Quote from Joey

Ross: Boy, I'm getting hungry. Hey, Joey, have you ever been so hungry on a date that when the girl goes to the bathroom, you eat some of her food?
Kristen: You said the waiter ate my crab cake.

Quote from Rachel

Chandler: When Monica and I went to see them, we had fun. And there's another reason.
Rachel: Well, what is the other reason?
Chandler: I don't want to say.
Rachel: Well, you have to, because maybe it's stupid.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: So did you book them? Did you call?
Monica: I will.
Chandler: Do you want me to call?
Monica: I'll do it. You stick to your job.
Phoebe: What is your job?
Chandler: Staying out of the way.