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The One with Monica's Boots

‘The One with Monica's Boots’

Season 8, Episode 10 - Aired December 6, 2001

Monica buys an expensive pair of boots which she promises Chandler she'll wear all the time, until she discovers they're extremely painful. Meanwhile, Joey's younger sister seeks Rachel's advice, and Phoebe learns that Ross's son, Ben, is in the same class as Sting's son.

Quote from Joey

Rachel: Why don't you sit down? Dina has something she wants to tell you.
Joey: What's going on? Is it Mom? Is she sick? Is it Dad's heart? Is that a sandwich?
Dina: Joe, Mom and Dad are fine.
Joey: Is that a sandwich?!


Quote from Phoebe

Trudie: I'm Trudie. You must be Ben's mum.
Phoebe: Why else would I be here?
Trudie: Why don't you sit down?
Phoebe: Uh-huh.
Trudie: I gather Jack and Ben haven't been getting along lately. I'm sure there are two sides to this story, but all I've heard is that Ben's a bit of "poo-poo-head."
Phoebe: Uh, I'm sorry. Won't Jack's father be joining us?
Trudie: Well, I'm sorry, Jack's father's not available.
Phoebe: Mm-hmm. Okay. Well then, could we reschedule for, say, Friday night, perhaps at 8:00?
Trudie: Oh, no. I know that wouldn't work. My husband's in concert.
Phoebe: Concert. Yeah. That does put us in quite a pickle. You see, I'm very busy before and after the concert, and he's obviously busy during.
Trudie: So, I guess you and I should talk about Jack and Ben right now.
Phoebe: Unless- Unless- Okay, I would be willing to go to the concert, all the while thinking about the children.
Trudie: Are you here for tickets?
Phoebe: Oh. Thank you. Four would be great.
Trudie: I'm not giving concert tickets to someone who'd use their son like this.
Phoebe: Oh, good. Then you're in luck. Ben's not my son.
Trudie: Look, I've just pressed a button triggering a silent alarm. Any minute now, the police will be here.
Phoebe: The Police? Here? A reunion?!

Quote from Joey

Joey: Who did this to you?
Dina: Bobby Corso. He's a real nice guy. I like him a lot. He's real funny.
Joey: You got pregnant for "funny"? Dina, if he's funny, laugh!

Quote from Phoebe

Jenny: Excuse me. Can I help you with something?
Phoebe: Yes. Yes, you can. I'm looking for Jack's parents.
Phoebe: Are you with one of the students?
Phoebe: Uh-huh. I'm with Ben.
Jenny: Are you one of Ben's mothers?
Phoebe: I am one of Ben's mothers. I'm a lesbian. It was difficult coming out to my parents.

Quote from Phoebe

Jenny: Well, hi. I'm Jenny Boon. I'm a new teacher here.
Phoebe: Oh.
Jenny: I've only met your partner, Carol.
Phoebe: Ah. So that would make me Susan.
Jenny: Right. Are you looking for Jack's parents to discuss the problems he's having with Ben? Yeah. Because I really do think the parents should sit down together and have a conversation.
Phoebe: Yeah, let's do that! That sounds good. We should sit down and talk. Just me, my lover Carol, and the Stings. Now, how will I get in touch with them?
Jenny: Oh, their number's on the contact sheet.
Phoebe: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Could I get a copy of that? Because Carol threw it out. She lost ours. She's such a scatterbrain. But, man, what a hot piece of ass.

Quote from Phoebe

Ross: That's right. I love you. And I'm gonna play with you all the time.
Phoebe: How can you let him talk to your crotch like that?
Rachel: He's talking to the baby.
Phoebe: Oh! Okay. Okay, because when he said, "I can't wait to hear your first words" I thought, "There's a trick."

Quote from Ross

Phoebe: Hey, Ross, doesn't Ben go to Smithfield Day School?
Ross: Yeah. Why?
Phoebe: Sting has a son that goes there too.
Ross: Yeah, I know. He's in Ben's class.
Phoebe: You knew this and never said anything? With all the stupid dinosaur stuff you tell us?
Ross: Fine, no more dinosaur stuff. Can I talk about fossils?
Phoebe: "Sting's son, 7 years old" And there's a picture.
Ross: What are you reading, "The Kidnapper's Guide to Manhattan Private Schools"?

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: So how well do you know Sting?
Ross: I actually haven't even met him.
Phoebe: Uh-huh. Yeah, that's too bad. I really wanna go to his concert Friday night, but it's totally sold out. I know! Why don't you meet him and get tickets. If you get two, I'll take you.
Ross: Well, actually, I'm picking Ben up tomorrow. Maybe he'll be there.
Phoebe: There you go. Ugh, you're so lucky. You might actually get to meet Sting tomorrow. That's why you have kids.

Quote from Monica

Phoebe: Wow, they're beautiful.
Monica: They hurt so much.
Phoebe: What?
Monica: The guy who made these hates feet and wants to see them die.
Rachel: Well, honey, give them to me. I haven't felt my feet in years.

Quote from Chandler

Ross: Hey, I just picked up Ben from school.
Chandler: I don't think you did a very thorough job.
Ross: I dropped him off at Carol's.

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