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The One Hundredth

‘The One Hundredth’

Season 5, Episode 3 -  Aired October 8, 1998

The group follow Phoebe to the hospital when she goes into labor. Meanwhile, Chandler is upset when Rachel sets Monica up on a date, and Joey has his own painful delivery after he's diagnosed with kidney stones.

Quote from Ross

Ross: To be fair, he doesn't seem to be impersonating Fonzie-
Phoebe: What are you doing? Why are you defending him? Just get me another doctor who is not crazy and does not Fonzie.
Ross: Again, it's not that he-
Phoebe: Aah! Aah!


Quote from Joey

Doctor: Now, ordinarily, Mr. Tribbiani, we try to break the stones up with shock waves. But they're too close to the bladder. Which means we can either we wait for you to pass them or else go up the urethra-
Joey: Whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. Nothing is going up, okay? Up is not an option. What's a urethra? [Monica whispers in Joey's ear] Are you crazy?

Quote from Joey

Doctor: Mr. Tribbiani, I'm afraid you've got kidney stones.
Joey: Well, what else could it be?
Doctor: It's kidney stones.
Joey: Or...?
Doctor: Kidney stones.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: Honey, I just got to tell you. I think it's a terrific thing that you're having these babies for Frank and Alice.
Phoebe: No, it is. Can I tell you a little secret?
Rachel: Yeah.
Phoebe: I want to keep one.
Rachel: Oh, I'm gonna be on the news.

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: Hi, I'm Phoebe Buffay and I have babies coming out of me.

Quote from Phoebe

Nurse: Have you started having contractions?
Phoebe: Not yet. But I've heard they really hurt. Do they?
Nurse: Well-
Phoebe: Oh, my God.
Nurse: Now, which of you is the father?
Phoebe: No, none of them are. The father is my brother.
Nurse: Okay.
Rachel: I am so going to miss watching you freak people out like that.

Quote from Monica

Ross: Hey, what took you guys so long? Your cab left when ours did.
Monica: Well, we had to go back because I forgot my jacket.
Chandler: That's right.
Rachel: You're not wearing a jacket.
Monica: Oh, man. I did it again!

Quote from Phoebe

Ross: Phoebe, it's gonna be okay.
Phoebe: Easy for you to say. I don't see three kids coming out of your vagina.

Quote from Joey

Joey: And l-[screaming]
Chandler: Are you okay?
Joey: Something hurts.
Phoebe: Ooh, it's sympathy pains. That's so sweet.
Joey: Great. I didn't know I cared that much.

Quote from Phoebe

Dr. Harad: Hi, Phoebe. I'm Dr. Harad. I'm going to be delivering your babies. I want you to know you're going to be in good hands. I've been doing this a long time. I'll be back in a minute to do your internal. In the mean time, just relax because everything looks great.
And also, I love Fonzie.
Chandler: Did he just say he loves Fonzie?
Monica: That's what it sounded like.
Chandler: All right.

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