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The Last One (Part Two)

‘The Last One (Part Two)’

Season 10, Episode 18 -  Aired May 6, 2004

As Rachel gets ready to leave for Paris, Ross wonders whether to tell her how he feels before it's too late. Meanwhile, Chandler and Joey play their last game of foosball.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: I found it! I found it! Ha! I found it! I told you I would find it! In your face! You're a different person.


Quote from Chandler

Joey: [loudly] Don't worry, you guys, we're gonna get you out of there!
Chandler: And we're also gonna buy you tiny, bird hearing-aids.

Quote from Chandler

Joey: Here goes.
Chandler: What's the matter?
Joey: I need to say goodbye to the table first.
Chandler: I understand.
Joey: Okay. Table, you have given us so many great times. And you guys, Jordan, Victor, Joel- All of you guys, What can I say? You guys make us look good. You wanna say anything?
Chandler: I don't know. Except that, for one last time, good game, good game, good game. Good game.

Quote from Monica

Joey: Okay, here we go. I can't do it.
Chandler: Well, I can't do it either.
Monica: Hey. Did you find them?
Joey: Yeah, they're stuck inside the table.
Chandler: And we have to bust it open, but neither of us can do it.
Monica: Oh, well sure. That's gotta be so hard. I'll do it. Gimme.

Quote from Monica

Monica: All right. My job here is done.
Chandler: That was Impressive.
Joey: Yeah, you didn't even use the tools for most of it.
Monica: Yeah, they were just slowing me down. All right, I have to get back to the babies. I'll see you girls later.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Well, at least we got these little guys out. Aww, we were worried about you. Hm. I guess I better get used to things crapping in my hand, huh?

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: I really thought she'd stay.

Quote from Joey

Monica: Well, that's it. Everything's packed.
Chandler: Wow. This is weird.
Monica: I know.
Joey: Yeah. Uh, does this mean there's nothing to eat?
Monica: I put three lasagnas in your freezer.
Joey: I love you.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Quack, quack. Tweet, tweet. Quack, quack. Tweet, tweet. Quack, tweet, quack, tweet.
Chandler: We were wondering what was taking so long with the gift. But now we understand. You were doing this.

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