Trending ‘Derry Girls’ Quotes

Quote from Erin in Episode One

Sister Michael: Obviously, Sister Declan's death was extremely shocking and unexpected. We're still struggling to understand exactly what happened. [Erin raises her hand] Yeah?
Erin: Can I just ask, what age was Sister Declan?
Sister Michael: She'd have been 98 on Friday.
Erin: Right. Might that shed some light on the situation?
Sister Michael: How so?
Erin: Does anybody else have any thoughts on the whole "her being almost 98 years of age" thing?
Joe: Struck down in her prime.


Quote from Orla in The Prom

Michelle: I can't find anything I like.
Orla: Well, I'm just so torn. I mean, I love my Easter dress, but this is cracker, too. There is just nothing that doesn't suit me.

Quote from Erin in The Concert

Rita: Pop music isn't really my thing, truth be told. It's all so fucking soulless. Nah. I'm a classical head, all the way, but I've been banned from trading at Glyndebourne ever since I absolutely battered that Pavarotti fan. And when I say I battered, I mean intellectually, like. I did kick the shit out of him as well! Pavo's La Boheme is very muscular, but for purity of tone you simply cannot fault Bocelli. I mean, listen to that, girls. Pass us a can there.
Erin: A can of?
Rita: Beer.
Erin: I see. Alcoholic beer.
Rita: Oh, yeah, that's fucking beautiful.
Erin: While driving. OK. Fine. Good.
Rita: I mean, what a fucking instrument! Glorious!
Erin: Any idea what the speed limit is around here?
Clare: [holding t-shirt] "Robie"!?
Rita: Close your eyes, girls, and soak it up!
Erin: Sure. Of course. But maybe you could soak it up with your eyes open and, you know, on the road?

Quote from Sister Michael in The Prom

Choir: [sing] Doo-bee doo-bee doo-bee doo-bee doo-bee doo-bee do-o-o It's Monday morning It's Monday morning Hip hip hooray Hip hip hooray Let's get going It's a brand-new day It's Monday morning It's Monday morning Come on, let's go Come on, let's go Paint on a smile and start the show Dum dum dum dum-m-m Oh, Monday morning There ain't nothing that I-I-I can't do... Doo bee doo bee doo On Monday morning Monday morning Oh, Monday morning Monday morning Monday morning, I love yo-o-ou. [Jenny holds shaky last note]
Sister Michael: Lovely. And I believe you wrote the lyrics yourselves. Is that correct?
Jenny: It is indeed, Sister.
Sister Michael: Do you ever think you might have too much time on your hands, girls? Lose the jackets.

Quote from Ma Mary in The Prom

Erin: This is a huge deal. This is a massive, massive deal. I'm going to the prom with John Paul O'Reilly, for God's sake. Oh, come on, Mammy.
Mary: I don't care if you're going to the prom with John Paul II, Erin. I'm not buying you another frock. End of story.
Erin: But, Mammy, you don't understand.
Mary: There's nothing wrong with your Easter dress.
Erin: There is lots of things wrong with my Easter dress.
Mary: I mean, it matches Orla's.
Erin: That being the main one.
Orla: Honestly, Erin, I think we'll look so cracker if we both rock in wearing these.
Erin: Right. Well, I don't.

Quote from James in Across the Barricade

Erin: I'm not sure about this.
Michelle: I knew you'd fanny out!
Erin: These lads have moves. You said so yourself, Michelle. And I haven't got any moves!
Michelle: Look, let's just get in there, have a few drinks and just loosen up a bit.
Clare: No! No loosening up! I don't like it!
James: Just be confident, Erin. Boys like that.
Michelle: How the fuck would you know what boys like?
James: Cos I'm a boy, Michelle! I'm a real live boy.
Orla: Aw, yeah, like Pinocchio.

Quote from Clare in Ms De Brún and the Child of Prague

Ms. De Brún: Have you ever stopped to look at these? These faces from the past. They're not so different from you, really. They had dreams like you do. They had... Ambitions. But now, they're gone. Dead. Dust.
Clare: That's my auntie Anne third from the left. She's not dead.
Erin: Ssh!
Clare: But she's only 54. She runs the mobile library in Ballymagroarty.
Erin: Quiet.
Ms. De Brún: But did they fulfil those dreams, those ambitions? One day, girls, you too will just be an old photograph in a hallway. You only get one life. Don't be afraid to live it. Find your voice. Make your mark.

Quote from Clare in Ms De Brún and the Child of Prague

Sister Michael: Take a seat, please, ladies.
Erin: Where's Ms. De Brún?
Sister Michael: Gone. And she's not coming back.
Erin: What?
Clare: I knew it. When I woke up this morning, I had a feeling something terrible was going to happen and also that essentially deep down, I'm quite an evil person.
Michelle: It's called a hangover, Clare. You'll be grand.