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Development Day

‘Development Day’

Season 2, Episode 1 - Aired September 21, 2022

When the teachers of Abbott Elementary return a week before the students, Janine insists she has everything together after her break-up, and Gregory is stressed about the upcoming academic year.

Quote from Barbara

Janine: Barbara! [exhales sharply] I missed you so much. [laughing] Oh, my gosh. I'm gonna give you a hug. Let me put these boxes d...
Barbara: Ah-ah-ah!
[aside to camera:]
Barbara: I had a fantastic summer. After my cruise to Jamaica... All-inclusive... I worked with Ava to properly appropriate the funds that we got from the grant last year. And I found out in early July that I would be welcoming a student who uses a wheelchair, so I was very excited to be able to use part of that grant money to get a new ramp installed. My next goal is to get that student the appropriate desk... and follow up on the shoes I lost on the cruise. I was very inebriated. Oh! Sea Barbara is different than Land Barbara. [chuckles]


Quote from Ava

Ava: [aside to camera] My summer was great. Thanks for asking. I got a hookah flavor named after me... Ava-lade. Notes of malt liquor and marmalade.

Quote from Mr. Johnson

Barbara: [holding cell phone] Oh, I think I got somebody!
Mr. Johnson: [on phone in janitor's closet] [echoes] Yello? Hello?
[aside to camera:]
Mr. Johnson: Somewhere around 2003, my phone number got mistakenly entered into several places in the school district's directory. I never said anything because I like to help out wherever I can.
Man: [on line] So can you get us a replacement fire extinguisher or not?
Mr. Johnson: One sec. No.

Quote from Janine

Janine: [to camera] Aah! Oh, I'm so sorry. I am just so happy to be back. [chuckles] Um, I did this. Parted my hair on a different side. But, oh, yeah, you asked how my summer was. Um... Well, I broke up with Tariq, as you know, which was... You know, break-ups are hard for anyone. I took it as an opportunity to grow... Not physically, of course, because I can't reach the top shelves in my apartment. Tariq used to get the plates. But, ultimately, I was just so excited to start the new year. Breaking up with Tariq was so much the right choice that, you know, I was basically able to fast-track that break-up. No crying, no depression, "wah-wah." And no more bringing my problems into school. That was old right-sided-part Janine. I'm a fully formed adult, and this year is gonna be... different.

Quote from Ava

Janine: What the...? What in the world? [scoffs]
Woman: Go, Eagles! [indistinct conversations] Ava! Why is a man cooking ribs in my parking spot? What is happening?
Ava: It's game day, baby!
Janine: It's Development Week.
Ava: Here's a development... You either gotta park on the street or give me $50 for your spot. I'm making extra money. For the school. So put out or back out.

Quote from Jacob

Janine: Oh, God. Jacob. Oh, I missed you. Please never go to Peru again. You not having service was the worst.
Jacob: Oh, it's so nice to be called Jacob again. After teaching abroad and being called el diablo blanco every day, I really started to feel like basura.
Janine: Oh.
Mr. Johnson: Did somebody say "trash"?

Quote from Gregory

Gregory: [aside to camera] I'm a full-time teacher now. I'm excited about that. I spent time going over the materials, so really got it down, so I'm ready to take the year on. These first-graders won't know what hit 'em. I mean that in a positive way.

Quote from Jacob

Jacob: [aside to camera] So, while in Peru, I took level-one ASL courses. I wouldn't say I was inspired by CODA, per se, but it did... It did have an impact on me. Look, here's the thing... Words cannot express my excitement to teach the others the knowledge I have gained. So let me sign it.

Quote from Melissa

Melissa: [aside to camera] Me and Gary, the vending machine guy, we spent the whole summer down at the Jersey Shore. Nothing like the smell of cigarettes and vinegar. I don't smoke or nothin'. Just, I like being around it. It reminds me of my childhood.

Quote from Ava

Ava: This week, we'll have some entry-level planning meetings, a mental-health maintenance session, a session on wrap-around introduction, an ASL course...
Jacob: Taught by me.
Ava: And a mixer held by Ms. Teagues. May we not pass out from boredom.

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