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The Big Giant Head Returns

‘The Big Giant Head Returns’

Season 5, Episode 12 -  Aired February 22, 2000

After Vicki returns to Rutherford with her baby, the Big Giant Head makes a surprise visit to take his son back to the home planet. Meanwhile, Tommy tries to tackle Sally's shoe obsession.

Quote from Dick

Dick: [feminine voice] Hello, Harry.
Harry: Hi, Vicki.
Dick: You're looking very handsome today.
Harry: Wow. You mean it?
Dick: Course I do. You are one of those unique people that is as beautiful on the outside as you are on the in.
Harry: Well, you make me feel like I've never felt before in my life.
Dick: Ah!
Harry: Oh, your skin is so soft.
Dick: Your eyes are so brown.
Harry: Oh, Vicki.
Dick: Oh, Harry!
Harry: I love you, Vicki.
Dick: I love you, Harry! [they hug]
Big Giant Head: What the hell are you guys doing?
Dick: Uh, we're still workshopping it, sir. It's very rough.


Quote from Harry

Harry: Dick, I'm still in love with Vicki. Would it be bad if I told her?
Dick: You can't! If Vicki winds up with you, the Big Giant Head will squash you like a bug, and I'll be banished from this planet forever! [exits]
Harry: Well, he didn't say "no."

Quote from Vicki Dubcek

Dick: Stone feels just awful about abandoning you. He wants to make things right. Why don't you let him take you out to dinner or something?
Vicki Dubcek: Oh, no. I do not want to be alone with that man.
Dick: Oh, no. Mary and I will come along. She adores Stone. It'll be a blast.
Vicki Dubcek: Ah, I don't know.
Dick: Come on, Vicki. Do it for Eric.
Vicki Dubcek: Who's Eric?
Dick: Your baby.
Vicki Dubcek: Isn't he cute?

Quote from Harry

Harry: Is Dick here?
Tommy: No. Shh.
Harry: Oh, great. He probably already went off to dinner. Oh, I despise that French bastard!
Tommy: Harry!
Harry: Snail-eater!

Quote from Harry

Sally: I'm gonna go make me a sandwich.
Tommy: Could you make me one?
[Harry's head drops onto the kitchen table]
Sally: Hey, look at that. Harry fell asleep.
Tommy: I could really use a nap, too. [Harry wakes up]
Harry: Wow, I've never felt so refreshed in all my life. You know what? I'm going down to that restaurant, and I'm gonna tell Vicki that I love her.

Quote from Sally

Tommy: Wait, Harry. Harry's standing up to the Big Giant Head? He's gonna get killed.
Sally: You know what this means, Tommy. I'm gonna need some conservative black pumps for the funeral.

Quote from Dick

Big Giant Head: There's something I want to say. Vicki, there's only one thing in this world that I love more than you. That's me. Marry me?
Vicki Dubcek: Stone, this is so sudden. I don't- I don't know what to say!
Dick: Say "no."
Vicki Dubcek: What?
Big Giant Head: What?
Sally: What?
Tommy: Huh?
Dick: Harry still loves you, Vicki.
Big Giant Head: How dare you?!
Dick: Where do you get the gall to come back here and rend asunder the bonds of true love? I'm not gonna stand by and see you break this poor man's heart!
Big Giant Head: Do you have any idea of the implications of what you're saying?
Dick: I do.

Quote from Harry

Harry: Wow. I can't believe you'd do that for me, Dick.
Vicki Dubcek: Harry, is this true? Do you still love me?
Harry: Yeah, but you should go with Stone. I mean, he really loves you, and, besides, I don't want anything bad to happen to Dick.
Dick: Harry, I can't believe you'd do something like that for me.
Harry: Oh, I love you, Dick.
Dick: I love you, Harry! [they hug]
Big Giant Head: Good god, there they go again.

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