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The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance

‘The 'Dirty Dancing' Dance’

Season 3, Episode 17 -  Aired March 2, 2016

Beverly helps Erica plan a "Dirty Dancing" themed dance at school, only to turn on Erica when she realizes it may be inappropriate. Meanwhile, Murray tries to learn dancing with Adam with little luck.

Quote from Andy

Geoff: The dance is back on? That means I can still Swayze you.
Erica: Let it go, Geoff. I'm not gonna sensually gyrate with you.
Beverly: I'm sorry, "gyrate"?
Erica: If I'm gonna get dirty with anyone, it's gonna be Marc McGonagle.
Beverly: Marc McGonagle?
Geoff: Erica, I'm begging you. Give me a chance to groove all up on you.
Beverly: No. Do not do that.
Geoff: Let our bodies speak without words.
Beverly: Stop! Nobody's body is speaking to any other bodies. This is just a school dance.
Erica: Dirty dance.
Barry: Ugh, again with that awful movie.
Naked Rob: Think about it, dude. The school is letting us dirty-dance. They want us to get freaky.
Andy: Unh! Ladies' man Cogan bringing it dirty, y'all!
Beverly: That was not in the movie.
Andy: Yeah, we never saw the movie, but the title says it all.


Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Stop the announcements. We need to talk.
Principal Ball: No, no, no, no, no! We had an agreement over stern eye contact that if I gave in to your daughter's dance demands, you would stay far away from my office.
Beverly: But that was before I realized that you were right and there can be no dance.
Principal Ball: But you forced me to flip-flop. I flipped. I can't flop back.
Beverly: I didn't know how dirty that dance was gonna be.
Principal Ball: Which is why I wanted it to be a Soda Pop Hop. It was my favorite dance as a teen, but no one's embraced it.

Quote from Naked Rob

Geoff: It's 21:00. Operation "Dance My Way Into Erica's Heart" is a go.
Andy: That is not the name!
Naked Rob: It's way too long.

Quote from Naked Rob

Erica: Baby has the watermelon.
Andy: Roger.
Naked Rob: 10-4.
Geoff: I love sharing secrets with you!
Andy: You're so loud.
Naked Rob: Way too loud.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Tell me where she is, and I'll get the ball rolling by calling her a moron.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: My baby is Baby.

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