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32Quotes from ‘Our White Coats’

Scrubs: Our White Coats

907. Our White Coats

Aired January 5, 2010

As he students compete to deliver a keynote speech ahead of a "white coat" ceremony, Dr. Cox asks them why they want to be doctors.

Quote from Elliot

Lucy: Hey, why did you guys want to become doctors?
Elliot: Oh, actually, I didn't want to be a doctor. I wanted to be a gymnast. But I was chesty for my age, and I had no balance because when I was 9, my cousin jammed a piece of uncooked pasta in my ear. So the first time I went on the balance beam, I fell off and broke my bajingo bone. So really I became a doctor because my parents made me.


Quote from Elliot

Lucy: Dr. Reid, I know yoga is supposed to be good for pregnant women, but are you sure this is okay? It looks like that baby could squirt out any second.
Elliot: Lucy, I'm fine. Beside I would never give birth under a tree. Although J.D. and I did conceive this baby under one. It was a Christmas tree. Not in our house. It was still on the lot. We made a bunch of Christians uncomfortable that day.
Lucy: I once got felt up in a pumpkin patch.
Elliot: Don't you just love the holidays?

Quote from Elliot

Elliot: I was a gunner for a while when I was in med school. Once I set my roommate Lauren's books on fire so she couldn't study. Turns out I'd loaned her mine, so I actually had to buy a whole new set which she then stole. Still, in the end, I won because she got hit by a truck. I mean, she didn't die, but she is not smart enough to be a doctor anymore.
Lucy: Is she happy?
Elliot: Oh, she's very happy.

Quote from Turk

Denise: Hey, work buddy.
Turk: Hey.
Denise: You have a sec?
Turk: Yeah. What do you want to do? You want to play a quick "Hide The Saltine"? Maybe "Giant Black Doctor"? Damn, those never sounded dirty with J.D.
Denise: Yes, they did.
Turk: Oh.

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