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31Quotes from ‘Our Couples’

Scrubs: Our Couples

908. Our Couples

Aired January 5, 2010

As everyone appears to be pairing off, Lucy is reluctant to admit she's in a relationship with Cole. Meanwhile, Turk and Dr. Cox get competitive over treating a popular patient.

Quote from Cole

Cole: Man, I never noticed how beautiful a smile you have.
Lucy: Thank you.
Cole: That's probably because I'm mostly focused on how small your cans are.
Lucy: Okay, this is why I don't like you talking during foreplay.
Cole: I didn't know we were about to get nasty.
Lucy: Why do you think none of my horses are watching?
Cole: I truly dig how nuts you are. Oh, hey, can I borrow your laptop to do those endocrine system slides for our study group?
Lucy: What's wrong with yours?
Cole: It's super slow right now 'cause I'm downloading every Golden Girls episode. [laughs] Man, those old chicks are insane. All right, there was this one episode...


Quote from Drew

Cole: I will take a key, thank you very much.
Drew: I would never willingly give you anything that was not some sort of fatal virus.

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