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Our Thanks

‘Our Thanks’

Season 9, Episode 13 -  Aired March 17, 2010

Lucy struggles to convince her study group to honor the patient whose cadaver they have been studying. Turk is less than impressed when Cole decides surgery is his true calling. Meanwhile, Drew freaks out when Denise decides to move in with him.

Quote from Denise

Lucy: Ben? I am very upset with you. You tricked me. All old and cute on the outside and horrible and cruel on the inside. I was planning an amazing tribute for you. Stories and poems and a dozen purple balloons to signify a cluster of grapes. Well, now I'm gonna pop them so they look like raisins, nature's saddest fruit. All shriveled and dry.
Denise: Hey. Stop being weird. I'm trying to eat my sandwich around some corpses.
Lucy: Why are you eating lunch in here?
Denise: Why are you yelling at a dead guy? See? We all got a lot of questions.
Lucy: I'm yelling at Ben because I made this really beautiful tribute for him, and it turns out he was a jerk.
Denise: So? Did he have all his parts?
Lucy: Yeah.
Denise: Were you able to slice through his tendons, sift through his lower intestines and study the anatomy of his right hepatic flexure?
Lucy: Yes.
Denise: Then he was exactly who he was supposed to be. Who cares if he was a jerk in real life?


Quote from Denise

Drew: Is this a, uh, sledgehammer?
Denise: Is what a sledgehammer?
Drew: This sledgehammer. You're the one who put the hole in the wall?
Denise: I may have. Look, I mean, room and board is expensive. I think that we should live together next year. So this was my way of easing you into it, you know? Getting you comfortable with the idea. I'm curious to see whether it worked. This is where you say...
Drew: I'm in love with a sociopath?
Denise: Wrong. Yes or no. I mean, it's your life. Sort of.
Drew: Yes.

Quote from Cole

Turk: Hey, Cole, you got a sec? Listen, I've been thinking about it, and amazingly enough, the same things that make you a complete douche also give you the potential to be a good surgeon, so, uh, it'd be an honor to teach you, if that's something you really want.
Cole: It might be the first thing I've ever really wanted.

Quote from Lucy

Lucy: I met Ben on my first day of med school at a moment when I wasn't really sure if I would make it. But the truth is, I didn't really know Ben. In life, I'm sure he had his faults, but in death, he did great things. He brought us together and helped us realize that we couldn't do it all on our own. He gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves. And he gave his body so that we could become doctors. And for that, we thank him.

Quote from Turk

Turk: Hey, Clint, so, uh, what you got planned this weekend?
Clint: Just going to see The Eels.
Turk: Oh, really? You're a member of the aquarium, too? Those annual fees are so worth it. My daughters and I, we love the sea turtles. They're slow in the body but fast in the mind, right? Lightning fast!
Clint: Yeah, I was actually talking about the band, the eels.
Turk: Oh. Rock music! Rock- What am I doing?

Quote from Denise

Denise: What are you cooking? I can smell it from next door.
Drew: It's a Wild Mushroom and Shrimp Risotto I learned to make while working at a hostel in Naples.
Denise: Risotto that's gay for rice, right?
Drew: Yeah. Shrimp's gay for chicken.

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