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Quote from Lucy in Our Thanks

Lucy: I met Ben on my first day of med school at a moment when I wasn't really sure if I would make it. But the truth is, I didn't really know Ben. In life, I'm sure he had his faults, but in death, he did great things. He brought us together and helped us realize that we couldn't do it all on our own. He gave us the confidence to believe in ourselves. And he gave his body so that we could become doctors. And for that, we thank him.


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Quote from Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: Okay, so young Cole may not be an ideal protégé. He may not even be an ideal human. Nevertheless, you don't get to pick who needs you as a mentor. Do you realize, for the last eight years I've been saddled with a whiny, clingy lady-man whose very life force was dependent on hugs? Now, of course, I have young Drew, and although he may be filled with a bubbling rage that I fear cannot be contained very much longer, at least he doesn't need me to hold his hand when he speaks of love and his true feelings. The point is, we don't always get to choose who deserves and who wants our help. That's it.
Turk: Why you gotta always ruin pastry time? Perfectly good pastry.

Quote from Turk

Turk: I want you to imagine these bears were in a horrible accident. Like a bus crash. And before you ask, no, I don't know why the bears were on a bus. Maybe they're super smart government bears on their way to fight terrorism. Anyway, all you need to do is sew one of these bad boys up before me, and I'll know you have the skills to be a surgeon. Are we clear?
Cole: As a vodka tonic.

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Quote from Our New Girl-Bro

Lucy: Morning, sunshine. You look rested. Wow, and making time for the paper, too. That must be nice. Later, you munch.
Elliot: Did she just call me "buttmunch"?
Drew: Well, she didn't use the word "butt," though I can't think of any other prominent type of "munch." So, yeah, I think she called you a "buttmunch." I'm Drew, by the way.

Quote from Our New Girl-Bro

Lucy: Dr. Reid, you're so inspiring.
Elliot: Oh, stop. Go on.
Lucy: You're totally the kind of doctor I want to be when I get super old.
Elliot: Compliment took a bit of a left turn there.
Lucy: I just don't think you realize how awesome it is for me to see a woman actually doing it, you know? I just don't think you realize you're a great doctor, and you've got your life together. You're handling both. Me, I've got nine texts this minute. My boyfriend needs me, my dad wants his daily phone call, my sister Maureen is Freaking out about her bachelorette party. She has to have sex with her fiance for the first time in case the stripper got her pregnant. Long story.
Elliot: Oh, sure, sure.