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36Quotes from ‘Our Thanks’

Scrubs: Our Thanks

913. Our Thanks

Aired March 17, 2010

Lucy struggles to convince her study group to honor the patient whose cadaver they have been studying. Turk is less than impressed when Cole decides surgery is his true calling. Meanwhile, Drew freaks out when Denise decides to move in with him.

Quote from Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox: Okay, so young Cole may not be an ideal protégé. He may not even be an ideal human. Nevertheless, you don't get to pick who needs you as a mentor. Do you realize, for the last eight years I've been saddled with a whiny, clingy lady-man whose very life force was dependent on hugs? Now, of course, I have young Drew, and although he may be filled with a bubbling rage that I fear cannot be contained very much longer, at least he doesn't need me to hold his hand when he speaks of love and his true feelings. The point is, we don't always get to choose who deserves and who wants our help. That's it.
Turk: Why you gotta always ruin pastry time? Perfectly good pastry.


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