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Maid of Honour

‘Maid of Honour’

Season 6, Episode 4 -  Aired January 28, 2020

Alexis learns that David asked Stevie to be his maid of honour. Moira is elated when the trailer for The Crows Have Eyes: The Crowening is released. Meanwhile, Johnny and Roland deal with an unexpected guest at the motel.

Quote from David

David: What do we think? Bow tie or no bow tie.
Alexis: Oh, bow.
Stevie: No bow.
David: I sort of feel like bow tie is kind of classic, no?
Stevie: Okay, you sort of made it seem like you weren't sure.
David: I'm not sure. But I also very much am.


Quote from Alexis

Stevie: Okay. Are you sure you shouldn't do this? Because, I mean... you're here now, you're David's sister, and you're clearly better suited for the job.
Alexis: Oh my God, Stevie. I get why you and everyone else would be asking that question, but... the answer is... like maybe?

Quote from Stevie

Stevie: What am I doing?
Alexis: Well, we can just crossfade responsibilities.
Stevie: No. What am I doing with my life. I'm now unemployed in my thirties. For the second time in a week. I left your dad high and dry at the motel... and now I'm... [stressed exhale]

Quote from Roland

Johnny: Oh, I really don't know about this, Roland. Still feels like a police matter to me.
Roland: Johnny, you got this. Relax. Remember there is two of us, one of him so.
Johnny: Okay. [knocks]
Roland: Of course he does have that gun.

Quote from Roland

Man: Yeah?
Johnny: Hi. My name is Johnny Rose... and this is my partner...
Roland: Partner. [laughs] He calls me... No we actually just met.

Quote from Roland

Man: What're you, guys, cops?
Johnny: [laughs nervously] No. No, no. No weapons here. No, we're um, we're the new owners of this motel and we just stopped by and say hi, and to get a little more information about what exactly you are doing here on our property.
Roland: And by the way, whatever you're doing is A-okay with me. But unfortunately Professor Prude here is not too keen on "squatters."

Quote from Roland

Man: Who said I'm a squatter? I'm a long-term tenant. Betty told me she'd bake that into the contract.
Johnny: Bake it into the contract. Roland? Was it in the contract?
Roland: The contract is like 25 pages. That's what lawyers are for.
Man: Well, I'm a lawyer. And I assure you that it's in there.
Johnny: You're a lawyer? Then might I ask what you're doing here?
Man: I'm a prosecutor. And uh, when you're putting away the kind of guys I do...
Roland: Or gals.
Man: No, never women.
Roland: No.

Quote from Johnny

Man: It's always safest to keep a low profile. So part of that involved paying Betty and Benny in cash.
Johnny: [relieved exhales] Okay.
Roland: Well, that explains what that big ole bag was for.
Man: How do you know I have a big old bag?
Johnny: I didn't know. I don't know anything about a bag.
Man: You guys have been in my room, haven't you? You know I keep a lot of very highly classified documents in here.
Roland: Uh, no, it wasn't us.
Johnny: No.
Roland: But we will make sure no one ever pokes around in here again.
Johnny: Right.
Roland: We wouldn't want you to have to use your gun.
Man: You found my gun?
Johnny: I don't know what he's talking about. Obviously you're a valued guest here. So here's my card, and we can set up the same cash payments that you gave to Betty. Have a very pleasant stay.

Quote from Roland

Roland: Well, Johnny, you still wanna call the cops?
Johnny: Okay, you were right on this one, Roland.
Roland: I think this was a pretty important one to be right on. Our first guest, not bad, huh?
Johnny: Not bad.
Roland: Okay. How about "Good job, Roland."
Johnny: Good job, Roland.
Roland: You're a professional, Roland.

Quote from Moira

Moira: Perhaps one more watch to get your superlatives surging anew?
Jocelyn: Oh Moira, I'm sure that you're tired and... okay.
Male voice: [on trailer] "There was a time when the Crows were our friends."
Jocelyn: That voice really is creepy.
Moira: Shh.

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