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Season 9, Episode 20 -  Aired May 2, 2018

When Dede drops by unexpectedly, Mitchell and Cameron are startled to realize how she has been controlling their lives all these years. Phil, Luke, Alex and Haley have bad news to break to Claire, but they must all find a way to tell her in the window of time she's relaxed after her monthly spa day. Meanwhile, Jay and Manny edit a scary movie together.

Quote from Pam

Pam: There's a box out here marked fruit of the month. I'm assuming that means one of you won a contest.


Quote from Manny

Jay: [aside to camera] She was the perfect secret weapon. We send her upstairs to freshen up, just before the movie starts, we drop the Dede bomb. Gloria's flustered, off her game, she doesn't even pay attention to the film.
Manny: You still got it. And to think I was worried last night when you kept trying to turn on your phone flashlight and ended up taking 30 pictures of your angry face.

Quote from Cameron

Mitchell: [aside to camera] So, Pam's moving back home after living in our upstairs unit for like three years.
Cameron: Uh, okay, it's been a year and nine days, and she chopped us all that wood. Plus, she's taking Lily back to see my parents. It's birthing season so she gets to name her first pig. Oh, and then we slaughter it on her 13th birthday. There's prayers and dancing. It's not unlike your standard bar mitzvah.
Mitchell: Except a lot more pork and a lot less Jews. Anyway, we're excited to have the house to ourselves again.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell & Cameron: Naked breakfast, naked breakfast [KNOCKING]
Mitchell: Just ignore it. [singing] Making sausages and grits, barely coverin' our bits
Cameron: Cookin' a frittata while wearin' nada
Dede: I knew you two would keep the side door unlocked. What would you do if I were a deranged psychopath?
Mitchell: I'd probably start with, "Hi, Mom, what are you doing here?"

Quote from Claire

Claire: [aside to camera] I recently sat for my Pritchett's Closets presidential portrait. It's a dumb tradition my dad started, but I kind of love the way mine turned out. At least it's more understated than his. The colors are muted and I am not wearing a sash and service revolver.

Quote from Cameron

Mitchell: So, you have wine, a self-help book, a-a pillow shaped like the platonic ideal of a male torso for cuddling and/or punching.
Cameron: And a DVD we made for you called the "Donna Summer Olympics." [Dede laughs] It's a compilation of all the sexiest male athletes accompanied by the high queen of disco.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: [aside to camera] It was all so diabolical, and it went deep. She tricked us into making every decision in our lives.
Cameron: For example, 12 years ago, she sent me pictures of adorable Asian babies.
Mitchell: While hitting me with a little reverse psychology. "Mitchell, America has taken so much from the Vietnamese, do you really want to snatch one of their children?" I do if you don't want me to!

Quote from Gloria

Jay: Wow, this place looks dynamite.
Gloria: I wanted to give Manny a nice premiere for his movie. He's been in such a dry spell creatively. That modern dance recital was like-
Jay: Ugh, I couldn't even look at that leotard.
Gloria: Okay, yeah, he's a terrible dancer, but you don't have to use that word.

Quote from Jay

Manny: [aside to camera] For my film class, I wrote and directed a short. I felt the horror genre was the best way to grapple with the struggles of our time.
Jay: When Manny first came to me with the project-
Manny: You read a script I left out and you elbowed your way in.
Jay: Semantics. I was gonna be the silent money. But it turns out I've got some natural storytelling talent, so I took on a more creative role.
Manny: In spite of that, I got my first "A."
Jay: Our first "A."

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: I can't deal with my mother's marriage drama right now.
Cameron: Nobody gets the love-lorn back on their feet and out the door faster than we do. We'll just trot out our our trusty "heartbreak kit."
Mitchell: Is that in the closet next to the earthquake kit?
Cameron: And the Eartha Kitt.
Mitchell: Did you put those all in the same place just to delight me?

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