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Finale Part 1

‘Finale Part 1’

Season 11, Episode 17 - Aired April 8, 2020

Mitchell and Cam settle in on their new normal, and Phil and Claire decide that one of the kids needs to move out in order to take control of the house again. Meanwhile, as Gloria becomes more successful at work, she notices Jay, Manny and Joe don't seem to need her as much.

Quote from Claire

Claire: That was a crazy day.
Phil: Yeah.
Claire: I think I'm gonna be up for a while tonight.
Phil: You want to buckle yourself into bed and I'll drive you around till you fall asleep?
Claire: [laughs] You know, I-I don't want to sleep in the driveway. I don't. I want to sleep in our house, with our kids... all of them. With what's going on with Mitchell and Cam, I just feel like we're losing enough family as it is.
Phil: It's funny. I was feeling that, too. You came down so hard on them earlier. I'll go give 'em the good news.
Claire: Like hell you will!


Quote from Mitchell

Ptolemy: Alright, give us a tour, and make sure it includes the bar.
Mitchell: Yes! Okay, so let's start down in the karaoke room, and then we'll work our way up to the master.
Charlie: Oh, sounds like my dream date! Sorry, I'm a single father. I never get out. Is this still how we talk?
Mitchell: Okay. No. Uh, alright. Right this way.

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: Wow! Joe, nice haircut!
Jay: See? See?
Gloria: I miss his old hair.
Stefan: It's cute. He looks like Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men."
Charlie: I wouldn't mind cruising a few good men. Again, I'm sorry. I spend all my time at kids' birthday parties. We're really probably better than this now, right?

Quote from Alex

Arvin: So, I guess I'll just get right into it. I-I didn't see this coming when I asked you to work with me, and I guess I'm sort of afraid... [items clatter] you... how... how you might react, which, uh, explains why I'm acting so awkwardly and why this sentence won't seem to end, which is so delightful when Hugh Grant does it, but I just sound like a raving...
Alex: Let me stop you.
Arvin: Please do.
Alex: I think I know what you're trying to say. Uh, it appears there's some romantic tension between us, and you're afraid that once I sign my contract, we won't be able to act on it.
Arvin: Uh... actually, I was... I was just going to tell you that our project has been moved to Switzerland.
Alex: Damn it, Haley!

Quote from Alex

Alex: Well, then why were you hemming and hawing and bringing up Hugh Grant, which takes every girl right to rom-com?!
Arvin: Well, I was afraid that you wouldn't want to move so far. And... And... And... And, you know, I feel responsible for you quitting your job.
Alex: Forget what I said! So, uh, Switzerland, huh? Do they pay for housing?
Arvin: Um, actually, yeah.
Alex: Perfect. Perfect. That solves a big problem for me. Yep. Count me in. See ya at the airport.

Quote from Alex

Arvin: Alex, I've never c-considered a romantic relationship with you.
Alex: Oh, great. Let's relive it.
Arvin: I mean, I'm so much older. I-I-I dated your sister.
Alex: All good reasons. I'm at a meter, so I'm just...
Arvin: But if it's something that isn't completely out of the realm of possibility for you, then I'd be lying if I said it was out of the realm of possibility for me.
Alex: Oh. Okay.
Arvin: So, let's go back. You're saying that if we had a pre-existing relationship, or rather, a relationship that existed in a quantum state, like two entangled particles...
Alex: You don't have to dumb it down, but... but, yes, we'd be good to go, legally speaking.

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