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The Naked Man

‘The Naked Man’

Season 4, Episode 9 -  Aired November 24, 2008

After Ted walks in on Robin's date sitting naked on the couch, the gang learns of a surprising new technique to get somebody into bed.

Quote from Ted

Ted: The Naked Man works! I just had decent sex with an awful human being. I am back!


Quote from Lily

Lily: You're not the only one who rocked The Naked Man tonight.
[flashback to Lily naked in the apartment:]
Marshall: You just want to do it to change the subject.
Lily: Yeah. Hey, that's number 49! Did it work?
Marshall: It's like I just flossed.
Lily: I love you.
Marshall: That's 50.
Lily: Oh, yeah...

Quote from Marshall

Ted: Nice! What pose did you go with?
Lily: I went with "I've got boobs."
Marshall: And she nailed it.

Quote from Robin

Ted: Oh, my God! Guys, guys, guys! This is him! This is The Naked Man!
Robin: Uh, Ted, his name is Mitch. And, he's my boyfriend. So...
Marshall: It's okay, Robin. I no longer call "slut."
Robin: Oh. [to Mitch] Okay. You can go. We're done.
Mitch: Thanks.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: I call "slut!"
Robin: Excuse me?
Marshall: I'm sorry, Robin, but you hooking up with this guy makes it seem like the only thing standing between you and sex is clothes.
Robin: I didn't just sleep with Mitch because he was naked.
Marshall: Then why did you sleep with him?
Robin: Because... He, uh... He, uh... Because I care about Mitch. A lot. There was a, uh, connection of specialness., of specialness and feelings.
Marshall: It was because he was naked. And I'm sorry, but I don't approve. There is only one reason to sleep with somebody, and that is love. [all laugh] Oh, yeah, Marshall's a big girl because he believes in true love and just finished reading The Notebook because the secretaries bullied him into joining Oprah's Book Club.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: [coughing] Slut!
Robin: I don't do it. My college roommate did it.
Marshall: No, Robin, I just have a bad cough. [coughing] I don't really have a bad cough. We all know "college roommate" means you, slut! [normally] Does anyone have a lozenge?

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