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Everybody Hates Thanksgiving

‘Everybody Hates Thanksgiving’

Season 2, Episode 8 -  Aired November 20, 2006

When his successful brother Louis (Wayne Brady) visits on Thanksgiving, Julius is determined to cook the perfect feast.

Quote from Julius

Julius: I'm sorry, forgive me, I didn't go to college. Where's that carving knife?
Louis: Julius man, I'm just trying to help.
Julius: You want to help me? Get back out there and start singing and dancing again. That's how you can help me.
Louis: What is your problem, man?
Julius: I'm sick of you, that's my problem. Ever since you come over here, you been trying to make me look bad. I go out of my way to make a dinner for you, and you out there doing Ashford and Simpson. I bought all these groceries and even used Mom's recipes.
Louis: Whoa, who told you to use Mom's recipes? You know Mama can't cook. I didn't tell you to do any of this. All I said was that I'm coming over. And you're the one running around here looking like the Galloping Gourmet.
Julius: Forget it. I'm done.
Louis: Ah, you can't stop cook- You got people here, man.
Julius: They like you so much let's see how they like your cooking. Happy Thanksgiving.


Quote from Vanessa

Louis: So where you been, Chris?
Chris: Oh, I been with Doc. He's going to make his famous macaroni and cheese.
Louis: Oh, that's what I'm talking about.
Ms. Watkins: Good.
Vanessa: Cook it fast. I'm hungry.

Quote from Julius

Louis: Hey.
Julius: Hey.
Louis: You all right?
Julius: Yeah. You?
Louis: Me? Yeah.
Julius: All right?
Louis: All right.
Julius: All right.
Louis: All right! Hungry?
Julius: Yeah.
Louis: Eat?
Julius: Yeah.
Louis: Cool.
Julius: Cool.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] My father and uncle loved each other, and even though they didn't always get along, deep down inside here's what they really wanted to say.
[fantasy: the conversation is repeated at 2x speed]

Quote from Mr. Omar

Adult Chris: [v.o.] We couldn't wait for the turkey, so Doc's mac and cheese moved from side dish to main course.
Mr. Omar: Rolls, mac and cheese, cranberry sauce. You know, I haven't had a meal like this since I kicked my habit.
Doc: Yeah, I'm glad I don't have to watch you at the store no more. [all laugh]
Mr. Omar: I know that's right.

Quote from Doc

Louis: You know what, this is the best Thanksgiving I've had in years.
Vanessa: Not to mention the fact you fixed my back. And these green beans, they good.
Louis: Thank you.
Rochelle: Ooh, Doc, this macaroni and cheese is fantastic.
Chris: It's the best I've ever tasted.
Doc: The best you'll ever taste, unless you invite me to next Thanksgiving.

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