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Brian Corbett: Yo, Brea, wanna hit up the Winter Formal?
Brea: I'm going with Adam... my boyfriend.
Adam: [scoffs] Hence our couple's moniker... Brea-dam. It's unpleasant to say and hear, but we're rock solid.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] And then, it kept happening.
Brian Walls: Brea... You wanna go to the water tower Friday night? I got my cousin's dirt bike for the weekend.
Adam: Can they not see me?
Brea: Guys, I'm going out with Adam Friday night. And every night.
bri:Well, if things change, let me know.
Adam: Nothing's gonna change. 'Cause we're Brea-dam. Or Ad-rea. Our names might not fit together, but we do!


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Quote from Beverly

Virginia Kremp: You here to dump your breakfast fats on my lawn?
Beverly: No, no. We pour them down the storm drain now. Ginzy, I haven't treated you kindly, so I am going to apologize for everything I've ever said to you.
Virginia Kremp: Okay, well, that's not necessary.
Beverly: Like the time I called you a leather-faced manatee.
Virginia Kremp: Bev, you don't have to list each and every...
Beverly: No. Ginzy, I love you. You deserve this. I should not have said that you were dumber than a river weasel. You are nothing like a bag of loose poultry. And I didn't mean it when I said you have the face of an alcoholic bottlenosed dolphin. I meant that for Essie.
Virginia Kremp: Thanks.
Beverly: Nor do you have an ass like a deflated balloon left in the sun.
Virginia Kremp: Okay, some of these are just kinda stinging me all over again.
Beverly: You are not a human version of cramps.
Virginia Kremp: I don't remember that one.
Beverly: And you are not the last doll on the shelf, the one that's been dropped too many times and maybe stepped on. [voice breaks] And I mean that. Ginzy, I may not have a right to ask for forgiveness, but I'm going to anyway, because I can't lose you. You're my best friend.

Quote from Beverly

Virginia Kremp: Speaking of gifts, I would like to give you mine right now. It would be my honor if you would allow me to throw your bridal shower.
Erica: That means I get a whole other mountain of crap? Mama, I love getting married so much.
Beverly: Oh... [Erica squeals] Thank you, Ginzy. You are the best.
Virginia Kremp: And I'm gonna throw it in my backyard.
Beverly: And now you are the worst.
Virginia Kremp: What's wrong with my backyard?
Beverly: The long list starts with that family of moles.
Virginia Kremp: We got rid of the moles. Charles set traps and everything.
Beverly: Great, now it's a mole graveyard. [chuckles] Plus, your yard reeks. It's where I've been dumping my bacon grease.
Virginia Kremp: That's why the moles showed up!

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Adult Adam: [v.o.] While my mom was trying to secure a venue for Erica's shower, I was feeling insecure about my future with Brea.
Adam: Hey. So, Brown, huh?
Brea: I know. I was surprised, too, but we both got into our dream schools. That's exciting.
Adam: Yeah, so exciting. Dream schools! Dream couple! Dreamgirls is playing on Broadway.
Brea: Are you okay with this? You're doing a lot of nervous talking.
Adam: Me? [scoffs] I'm more than okay. I'm the okay-est. I'm OK Corral. [imitates gun] I'm Oklahoma's postal code. I'm the first two letters of "okra."
Brea: O-kay.
Adam: Exactly.