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Quote from Adam in Tennis People

Brian Corbett: Yo, Brea, wanna hit up the Winter Formal?
Brea: I'm going with Adam... my boyfriend.
Adam: [scoffs] Hence our couple's moniker... Brea-dam. It's unpleasant to say and hear, but we're rock solid.
Adult Adam: [v.o.] And then, it kept happening.
Brian Walls: Brea... You wanna go to the water tower Friday night? I got my cousin's dirt bike for the weekend.
Adam: Can they not see me?
Brea: Guys, I'm going out with Adam Friday night. And every night.
bri:Well, if things change, let me know.
Adam: Nothing's gonna change. 'Cause we're Brea-dam. Or Ad-rea. Our names might not fit together, but we do!

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