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Quote from Beverly in Tennis People

Virginia Kremp: Speaking of gifts, I would like to give you mine right now. It would be my honor if you would allow me to throw your bridal shower.
Erica: That means I get a whole other mountain of crap? Mama, I love getting married so much.
Beverly: Oh... [Erica squeals] Thank you, Ginzy. You are the best.
Virginia Kremp: And I'm gonna throw it in my backyard.
Beverly: And now you are the worst.
Virginia Kremp: What's wrong with my backyard?
Beverly: The long list starts with that family of moles.
Virginia Kremp: We got rid of the moles. Charles set traps and everything.
Beverly: Great, now it's a mole graveyard. [chuckles] Plus, your yard reeks. It's where I've been dumping my bacon grease.
Virginia Kremp: That's why the moles showed up!

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