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Quote from Adam in Tennis People

Adult Adam: [v.o.] While my mom was trying to secure a venue for Erica's shower, I was feeling insecure about my future with Brea.
Adam: Hey. So, Brown, huh?
Brea: I know. I was surprised, too, but we both got into our dream schools. That's exciting.
Adam: Yeah, so exciting. Dream schools! Dream couple! Dreamgirls is playing on Broadway.
Brea: Are you okay with this? You're doing a lot of nervous talking.
Adam: Me? [scoffs] I'm more than okay. I'm the okay-est. I'm OK Corral. [imitates gun] I'm Oklahoma's postal code. I'm the first two letters of "okra."
Brea: O-kay.
Adam: Exactly.

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