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A Goldberg Thanksgiving

‘A Goldberg Thanksgiving’

Season 2, Episode 7 -  Aired November 19, 2014

After Erica mocks her mom's Jazzercise obsession, Beverly bets Erica she couldn't handle her work-out routine. When Erica wins the challenge, she gets out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Beverly, despite it being one of her mother's most treasured traditions. Beverly tries to win Erica back, but she wins another bet and decides to spend Thanksgiving at Lainey's house instead. Meanwhile, Uncle Marvin is in town and bonds with Adam over a share love of video games, which Murray doesn't understand.

Quote from Barry

Erica: What could you ever offer the world that anyone would pay for?
Barry: We own a mower, I got a beeper. Someone beeps me, I rush over and tend to all their landscaping needs.
Erica: That's actually not a bad idea.
Barry: I know, right? I've been posting signs all over the neighborhood.
Erica: "Barry, The Grass King. For all your grass needs. Beep me."
Barry: Genius, right? Ooh, I got one! And another! Oh, and another!
Erica: Idiot! You're the guy with the beeper who calls himself The Grass King. Don't you get it?
Barry: Yeah, I'm gonna be rich.

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