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Quote from Barry in A Goldberg Thanksgiving

Erica: What could you ever offer the world that anyone would pay for?
Barry: We own a mower, I got a beeper. Someone beeps me, I rush over and tend to all their landscaping needs.
Erica: That's actually not a bad idea.
Barry: I know, right? I've been posting signs all over the neighborhood.
Erica: "Barry, The Grass King. For all your grass needs. Beep me."
Barry: Genius, right? Ooh, I got one! And another! Oh, and another!
Erica: Idiot! You're the guy with the beeper who calls himself The Grass King. Don't you get it?
Barry: Yeah, I'm gonna be rich.


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Quote from Barry

Barry: You're running. That's against the rules. But I'll allow it 'cause I don't care.

Quote from Adam

Adam: Stop bunting!
Murray: I can't stop bunting!
Adam: Just push the "pause" button.
Murray: Well, which is the "pause" button?
Adam: Stop mashing the buttons with your giant sausage fingers.

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Quote from The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Beverly: I just I wanted to tell Barry, uh, [quietly] don't pitch.
Barry: Did you just call me a "dumb bitch"?
Beverly: No, I said "don't pitch."
Barry: What? That's even worse!

Quote from Cowboy Country

Barry: If I hear you say no again, I'm hulking out. We're talking screaming and swearing. I'm gonna smash this decorative box.
Murray: Do not hulk out. Do not smash that decorative box.
Barry: Say goodbye to the decorative box.
Murray: Your mom keeps her knick-knacks in there.
Barry: I'll destroy her knick-knacks too! Hulk doesn't respect knick-knacks..