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A Goldberg Thanksgiving

‘A Goldberg Thanksgiving’

Season 2, Episode 7 -  Aired November 19, 2014

After Erica mocks her mom's Jazzercise obsession, Beverly bets Erica she couldn't handle her work-out routine. When Erica wins the challenge, she gets out of cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Beverly, despite it being one of her mother's most treasured traditions. Beverly tries to win Erica back, but she wins another bet and decides to spend Thanksgiving at Lainey's house instead. Meanwhile, Uncle Marvin is in town and bonds with Adam over a share love of video games, which Murray doesn't understand.

Quote from Adam

Marv: Oh, my gosh. You're like rain man with this. You're unbeatable. Like, what is your secret?
Adam: I have a small social circle.


Quote from Murray

Murray: What's he up to, Al? Laughing, having fun, supporting Adam It doesn't make any sense.
Pops: Uh, I think he's just laughing and having fun and supporting Adam.
Murray: That's crazy. Nobody does that.

Quote from Murray

Murray: Okay! Now you're aggravating me! Get this off of me! It's stuck on my normal-sized fingers!

Quote from Erica

Erica: Whoa. I slept for 12 hours. You know when you get too much sleep and then you're tired? I might need a nap later.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I slept for two hours, had a nightmare that I'd abandoned you, and then I woke up and remembered that you'd abandoned me. So, I just came downstairs to start this entire meal by myself like some sort of daughterless mother.

Quote from Barry

Beverly: Please, Erica. I need you. I love Barry, but he ruins everything.
Barry: She's right. I suck.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Everybody, stop leaving me. (Gets up out of her chair) It's Thanks-[bleep]-giving!
Erica: Have you been faking it this whole time?
Beverly: No. It's a Thanksgiving miracle.

Quote from Erica

Erica: Pops, please. I don't want to hear one of your adorable, wise lectures that makes me a better person.

Quote from Erica

Pops: Fine, I won't mix in. But did you ever wonder why this holiday makes your mother so crazy?
Erica: 'Cause she's crazy?
Pops: For sure, but there's a reason why this day means so much to her.
Erica: Because she always made dinner with Nana. I know all about it.
Pops: Well, what you don't know is that your mom was 17 when she lost Nana.
Erica: I didn't realize that.
Pops: That box of recipes, the two of you cooking together, it all brings back your grandmother for her.
Erica: Why you always got to make me a better person?

Quote from Pops

Pops: I know I always drink too many Martinis, and I give a toast about some beautiful dame from my past. But this is for my wife, Irene, the most beautiful dame who ever lived.

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