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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: The Big Four-Oh

207. The Big Four-Oh

Aired October 21, 1991

Vivian is less than thrilled to be turning 40.

Quote from Philip

Vivian: Philip, do you think I'm old?
Philip: Of course not.
Vivian: Do you think I'm pretty?
Philip: Woman, look in that mirror and tell me what you see.
Vivian: I don't know.
Philip: Well, let me tell you. I see every great thing a man could possibly want in a woman. Eyes so dark and deep a man could get lost in them. Skin the color of mahogany, soft as satin. A body fit for a goddess. Look how beautiful you are. Look. Look how beautiful you are. Why do you think I make it home by 6:00 every night?
Vivian: I thought it was for those little cheese things Geoffrey makes.
Philip: [chuckles] Well, it's not.


Quote from Vivian

Philip: So, you're home. So, is there anything, you know, new? Audition go okay?
Vivian: Oh, it was better than okay. It was great. They offered me one of the lead roles!
Will: That's great, Aunt Viv. Hold up. When's the cast party? I wanna sit next to that honey that was doing the splits.
Vivian: Hold it, guys. I am not gonna do the show. I turned down the part.
Philip: All right. I mean, if that's okay with you.
Vivian: Philip, for the last 20 years I have wondered if I could have made it as a dancer. And now I know I could have... twenty years ago. Boy, these have been the hardest three weeks of my life. There isn't a part of my body that isn't aching for Bengay. But I miss books. I miss my kids. And do you know what I miss the most?
Philip: [chuckles] What, honey?
Vivian: Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Swiss Almond.

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Two returns in two days. How humiliating. The second time I had to pretend I was my own twin.

Quote from Vivian

Vivian: Philip, this skirt used to look better, didn't it? This didn't used to be here. Does this look better?
Philip: Oh, yeah. Now you look just like Yul Brynner in The King and l. Vivian. You look great and you always will. You are the best-looking 40-year-old woman in this hemisphere.
Vivian: Philip, I am not 40. I will not be 40 until 7:08 tonight. 7:09 if you count my feet.
Philip: One hour later you and your feet are gonna be at the world's greatest birthday party.

Quote from Ashley

Ashley: Will, I thought about it all weekend and I've decided to sign up for cheerleader tryouts.
Carlton: Are you sure, Ashley? You'll have to wear an indecently short skirt make a spectacle of yourself in front of your whole school and ride on a bus with a bunch of sweaty teenage boys.
Ashley: Gosh, I hope I get it.

Quote from Vivian

Vivian: Well, this is it. The audition. I guess I'd better get going, huh? I guess I'm a little nervous, but that's silly. Why should I be nervous? I just have to do a few dance steps in front of a professional choreographer and a room full of 20-year-olds who've been dancing their whole lives. I'm gonna go to bed and eat a cheesecake.

Quote from Philip

Vivian: Oh, Philip, you've gone to so much trouble. I'm so sorry I'm such a grouch.
Philip: Oh, baby, that's okay. Nobody's thrilled about getting... not young. But look what you've accomplished. You're a full professor, you've got three great kids and a husband who's tall, dark, and loaded. I mean, how many people can say that at your... ZlP code?

Quote from Hilary

Hilary: Well, I spent the entire day shopping for the perfect gift for us to give Mother. But it was worth the sacrifice, she is going to love it. Ta-da! Oh, no, wait. That's for me. Oops! For me again. Ooh, here it is.
Will: What's wrong with you, girl? I gave you two weeks salary and you got a pot holder?

Quote from Hilary

All: Happy Birthday!
Vivian: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here, Hilary, sweetie, these are for you. I don't think short skirts are appropriate for me anymore.
Hilary: Mother, I've been meaning to talk to you about how you look in diamonds.

Quote from Carlton

Will: Remember 1951? Remember Chuck Berry? Remember Hula-Hoops? Me neither! Hold up, yo. Well, that was the year that Vivian Smith was born. Eat your heart out, LaToya.
Ashley: In just a few short years, little Vivian starred in her first dance recital. Over a quarter of a century ago. The seasons came and went.
Hilary: The 60s. The Dark Ages of fashion. Yet, Vivian braved the afro, the dashiki, and the platform shoe. She went off to college with dreams of being a dancer. Time marched on.
Ashley: As the days turned into years, Vivian got a teaching degree, got married, and moved to California. The years rolled by.
Carlton: Today, Vivian Banks has matured into a successful college professor, outstanding wife and mother, and a tribute to middle age.

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