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The Olive Branch

‘The Olive Branch’

Season 4, Episode 9 - Aired March 20, 2018

David tries to patch things up with Patrick. Meanwhile, Alexis starts a communications company and hopes to pitch the town on the idea of a singles' night, and Johnny gives Stevie a gift for being Employee of the Month.

Quote from David

David: I was ready to get back together days ago!
Patrick: What?
David: Yes.
Patrick: Then why didn't we?
David: I've never been in this situation before. Where someone's been so nice to me. And generous.
Patrick: I'm sorry, were you holding back on talking to me because you were getting gifts?
David: I was very upset, and confused. So upset, that I barely finished the chocolates.
Patrick: David, this wasn't meant to be some Advent calendar of apologies, it was like an olive branch to get you to talk to me.
David: I just, I guess, didn't know, how many olive branches you were planning on extending.
Patrick: Ideally, one!


Quote from David

Patrick: And now I know, that while I was torturing myself, you were sitting at home, just opening gifts. I see you like the bracelet.
Patrick: Love the bracelet, thank you.
David: Um, does this mean that we are back..?
Patrick: You know what, I feel like now maybe I deserve an olive branch, or two?
David: Okay, I understand that. What if I gave you back some of the olive branches that you gave to me? I was lying about the chocolates, I ate them all. But I'm sure there are some flowers that are still alive.

Quote from Stevie

Stevie: So, I'm happy to man the desk for you this afternoon, if you've got stuff to do.
Johnny: Oh, no, no, I- I can keep working here.
Stevie: No, Mr. Rose, I insist. I feel like I'm long overdue for some quality, like, face time with the guests.
Johnny: Oh, okay, well if that's what you feel.
Stevie: You know what the great thing about this is? Right after work, I can do go a quick shift over at Bazonga's Gentleman's Lounge.
Johnny: All right, I'm getting the hint.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: Look, Stevie, I'm not necessarily known for my gift-giving skills, but Arlene down at the store said this is what all the young locals are buying, and I...
Stevie: No, I really appreciate the gift, but let's just agree that going forward, we don't need gifts to express our mutual appreciation.
Johnny: Understood. Well, if you don't mind, I'm gonna step outside. I'm getting flashbacks of David attempting a 3-pointer.

Quote from Moira

Moira: Alexis? Oh, there you are! What a delightful little home office you've created for yourself.
Alexis: Thank you.
Moira: Succulents, and all!

Quote from Moira

Moira: Singles Week just happened to be the idea that received a lot of traction.
Alexis: Singles Week? I was pitching a Singles Night.
Moira: No. No, no, no, you specifically referenced a small shire in Scotland-
Alexis: Ireland!
Moira: That had a very lucrative week-long singles event.
Alexis: No, that is where I got the idea for singles night. I was proposing like, a matchmaking event at the cafe.
Moira: Well then, I took your little germ of an idea, and I fertilized it to fruition.

Quote from Alexis

Alexis: Oh, and also, he gave me a diamond tennis bracelet for my Sweet 16.
Stevie: That's bad?
Alexis: I know.

Quote from David

Stevie: So you're wearing a leather sweater, in the dead of summer. You look good.
David: Thank you.
Stevie: You look ready.
David: I am.

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: It's a little incentive for a job well done.
Stevie: Oh, I mean, wouldn't wanna be ungrateful. Uh, this seems like some makeup? It's like a briefcase full of makeup.
Johnny: Yeah, only the best.
Stevie: And you thought of this for me because?
Johnny: Because you deserve it.
Stevie: I see. Well, I'm gonna save this for a special occasion.
Johnny: No, no, no, it's for everyday use. It's what the woman in the store told me.
Stevie: Thanks.
Johnny: Stevie? Aren't you forgetting something?
Stevie: Uh, I just just don't know how to thank you.
Johnny: Oh, that smile on your face is all I need.

Quote from Roland

Roland: Well, I'm gonna go ahead and file Ray's Ham and Clam Bake in the t'won't happen pile.

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